Meditation 101 with Wallace Chase

$ 35.00

Wallace believes that the work done during meditation can help cultivate a more positive perception of the world, a healthier approach to life’s challenges and a more contented state of being. His passion is to share how breath and concentration can be used as powerful tools to take students past their self-perceived limits and develop their own authentic practice. Wallace is committed to helping you find your own unique strengths and to discover the joy of opening your hearts to love in all situations. 
In this beginning class, you will learn what meditation is.  Also how to meditate, how to begin a home practice, the emotional and physical benefits of meditation and the different types of meditation practices.
Wallace will also lead a 20 minute guided meditation.
  In 2004, after the sudden death of his father, Wallace began searching for the answers to life’s toughest questions and it led him to Meditation and Yoga. He sees Yoga as much more than a physical exercise, but a way to help bring healing to the mind and comfort to the soul by focusing on the Meditation and Breathing traditions. He’s a self-described “Yoga Mutt”, having studied many different styles, including Ashtanga, Anusara, and Iyengar. And explored many different paths of Mediation, including Breath Awareness, Japa and Metta. 

He is an Adventure Guide and Yoga/Meditation Instructor for a non-profit organization that teaches Armed Services men and women returning from combat duty and suffering from PTSD and TBI, how to live healthy and peaceful lives. His National Teacher Certification was done with his teacher Lex Gillan and is a 200 hour RYT with the National Association of Certified Yoga Teachers (NACYT).