New Imagery of the Divine Feminine with Kim McSherry

$ 25.00

As a collective archetype, Goddess imagery reflecting the Divine Feminine has existed since the beginning of Humankind. 

Throughout time, as Human Beings evolved, this imagery changed and adapted to meet the needs and values of the many different cultures that defined it.  As we become more fully engaged in the consciousness of this new millennium and The Age of Aquarius, once again, a major shift is happening in the way we “know” the presence of this powerful Universal Principle. 

As always, this shift is reflected in the images created by the artists, storytellers, and mystics of the time, and in the events and happenings that herald Her reawakening (think Hilary Clinton and Mother Teresa).

This evening’s discussion will focus on the many forms and ways this new imagery is emerging in the consciousness of modern Humanity, its influence and effect on the behavior of both men and women of this age, and the hopeful possibilities it presents for generations to come.

Kimberly McSherry has been a student of Astrology and a professional educator since 1970.  She holds multiple degrees from Kent State University (BS in English/Education & Psychology), the State University of New York at Buffalo (MA in Humanities), and The University of Houston (M.ED PSYCH.)  She is a certified Gestalt Therapist, with advanced studies in Jungian and Hakomi Therapeutic approaches as well. 

Kimberly is the co-founder and Director of The Houston Institute of Astrology, offering an intensive 2-year curriculum in the study of Astrology based on the Mystery School Tradition.  Her non-traditional education includes intensive studies of mythology and comparative religions, Native American Spirituality, various physical and psychological healing modalities, and a vast array of metaphysical fields.  Kimberly currently teaches Astrology, writes, and offers private astrological consultations in the Houston area.  Contact her by e-mail at