Psychic Intuition 101 with Todd Coleman

$ 45.00


In this class, you will learn tools and techniques to develop your psychic intuition and to nurture those instincts you already possess; an understanding of trusting your gut feelings or intuitions and learning to discern which are from higher self and which are your own fears and doubts; and how to connect to your higher self to allow these intuitions to come naturally and without effort to your conscious or waking mind.

Using the techniques and exercises that we will cover in this class, Todd will show you how to take the first steps into a much larger world!

Please join Todd if you are new to this workshop or you are also welcome to attend if you have already taken Psychic Intuition 101 and feel you would like a refresher course. Todd will be adding some new material and a question and answer session.


 Todd has been reading for clients in the United States and abroad for the last 15 years. He has appeared on “The Debra Duncan Show” and “TV one Arts and Entertainment” an internet based TV show for the Houston area as well as helping on police investigations.

In Todd's own words: “I am what you might call a straight psychic, which is to say I use no cards or any other tools for divination. I use my guides for information that I am able to share with you.