New Moon in Pisces:Release Psychic Debris with Kimberly McSherry

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Awakening Luna Within:  March "New Moon in Pisces" Forecast & Meditation

Of all the planetary forces in Astrology, the influence of the Moon is the most personal and prominent our everyday lives.  Coupled with the Sun, She was the first heavenly body to capture the imagination of our most primitive ancestors. 

Her phases reflected the mysterious birth-life-death cycle of Nature and the reproductive power of The Great Goddess, and so She became the purest archetype of The Divine Feminine in Astrology.  Each month Moon and Sun join in the same sign of the zodiac at The New Moon to begin a Divine Dance, which lasts for 28-29 days, and then begins again.   This magical merging holds the promise of a monthly new beginning, and working the phases of the Moon helps us make the most of this potential.  

Pisces New Moon heralds a time of emotional clearing and cleansing in preparation for the rebirth to come.  Join us as we come together to help each other release our psychic debris and pave the way for a squeaky clean rebirth!  


Kimberly McSherry has been a student of Astrology and a professional educator since 1970.  She holds multiple degrees from Kent State University (BS in English/Education & Psychology), the State University of New York at Buffalo (MA in Humanities), and The University of Houston (M.ED PSYCH.)  She is a certified Gestalt Therapist, with advanced studies in Jungian and Hakomi Therapeutic approaches as well. 

Kimberly is the co-founder and Director of The Houston Institute of Astrology, offering an intensive 2-year curriculum in the study of Astrology based on the Mystery School Tradition.  Her non-traditional education includes intensive studies of mythology and comparative religions, Native American Spirituality, various physical and psychological healing modalities, and a vast array of metaphysical fields.  Kimberly currently teaches Astrology, writes, and offers private astrological consultations in the Houston area.  Contact her by e-mail at