SCOPE (Stress Control for Personal Enhancement) with Patanjali Yoga Meditation: A Taster Session

$ 20.00

Class Description:

  • This is first of the 6-session course, other sessions of 60 min (TBA)
  • Art and science of meditation based on the original treatise of Yoga by Patanjali
  • Daily practice of 10-15 min ensures you stay away from stress
  • Even a baggage of stress from the earlier years can be washed away
  • Several other benefits
    • deeper sleep and calm mind lead to improved relationships
    • focus and clarity lead to improved quality of work
    • deeper breathing for better health and body figure
  • Potentials for transformation in mind to a 'new natural you'  and start of an exciting spiritual journey

Come, attend and judge for yourself! Please bring a yoga mat or cushion for the mediation at the end of class.


  Dr. Harish Chandra ... 

  • Teaching Patanjali Meditation worldwide for 20 years
  • Scientific background with PhD from Princeton
  • Knowledge of Sanskrit to independently understand Patanjali's teachings
  • Received "Yoga Service Award" International Day of Yoga Houston, June 2015
  • Author of 9 books and numerous articles on the allied topics
  • Trained 10 teachers for Patanjali Meditation