Selenite Blades for space clearing & positive energy

$ 3.00

Selenite crystals are named after the Greek goddess of the moon, Selene. This soft, but powerful, mineral is extremely important for stabilizing and balancing the emotional body. Selenite helps to remove all energy blockages in the body. Place a selenite stone on any area of the body that feels sore or tight and you will feel the difference. Selenite is also excellent for clearing and purifying jewelry and environments. In meditation, it can be used to access past life memory.

The blades are a natural selenite formation and lend themselves well to space clearing practices, crystal grids, and many other uses. 

This listing is for 1 selenite blade. Approximately 3" in length for s, 5" in length for m, and 8" in length for l.


Chakra: 7th, Crown Chakra

We intuitively choose your stone(s) for you with care. Please note, this is a natural specimen and size, color, shape, and texture may vary.

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