Seven Stones Crystal Reading

$ 150.00

Crystal reading is an ancient intuitive practice utilizing stones to gain answers, insight, guidance, and support. Anna Silvernail communicates directly with the crystals and stones in her possession, as well as opening psychically and intuitively in order to be of service to her clients. The difference with a crystal reading is that her clients walk away with the answers or guidance they were seeking and a new understanding of crystal healing and which stones will work best for them at this time.

When Anna gives a reading, she is interpreting each crystal according to its traditional meaning and uses, its placement or position in the spread, its relationship to the other stones pulled around it, its communication with her in the past and that moment, as well as any intuitive and empathic information or "psychic hits" she may be receiving from your or her guides. It is then her job to translate the diversity of all of this information into a message her clients can comprehend and utilize. Says Anna, "That's a job that I take very seriously and which brings me immense gratification."

The Seven Stones spread was entrusted to Anna by her crystal familiars. That means you cannot get a reading exactly like this from anyone else. This spread does not call for a question. Instead, it touches on seven major energy currents feeding into your life at the present moment, taking you on a progressive journey of insight through the voices of seven sacred stones, each of which have stepped forward to guide you on the path to your highest good. She will draw the crystals for your reading in this order: Touch Stone, Mother Stone, Father Stone, Medicine Stone, Guardian Stone, Power Stone, and Master Stone. The reading will be delivered to your email inbox via a beautiful full-color Word .doc or .pdf attachment you can save and refer to again and again. These readings average ten pages long.