Crystal Bowl Meditation - Concert...Flight 432 with Daniel Brower

$ 25.00

7:00 pm - 8:30 pm 

Daniel Brower will share his 432 tuned crystal bowls and a sound experience like unto a magic carpet ride!

The 432 musical scale is considered to be the most natural sound and the original tuning system since tunable instruments appeared. Mozart and the other great masters used this attunement for their symphonies. It was around for hundreds of years until it was replaced by the A/440 scale about 75 years ago.

Many people have never heard the A/432 sound. When you do hear and feel it for the first time, especially when played with the crystal bowls, you have an opportunity to travel beyond our planetary consciousness and make contact with the Cosmic Consciousness! And there you can resonate with higher, more elevated thoughts, feelings and frequencies.

Daniel has been sharing the 432 crystal bowls since 2012 and has observed the profound and wonderful effect it has on people.   

  Offered by Daniel Brower, founder and director of Circle of Sound, an international family of crystal bowl players… Daniel is currently based in Houston, Texas, for the next few moons before returning to live in Argentina. He has 20 years experience with crystal bowls and 10 years experience with the Essene Teachings Contact him at or 713-575-7671.