Spiritual Boot Camp 4

$ 65.00


$65.00 per class 

This is a series of 6 classes designed to raise your vibration and help your connect to yourself in a new way. Classes with Janelle are unlike anything you have experienced before so whether you are a seasoned six sensory or new to it all. This is a 5 dimensional learning experience. Audience participation is required in all my classes.

You may take each class individually or as a series six. If you are called, come join us and book early to ensure your seat Class WILL SELL OUT.

Six Class Dates: October 4, 2:00/ October 11, 10:00/ October 18. 9:30/ October 25, 2:00/ November 2, 12:00 noon/ November 9, 12:00 noon

From Janelle: “Teaching is my way to help you reach even more deeply into your soul path. It allows you to flow with the universe and your true self with confidence. It is one of my goals to help open each person up to whom they are through God's eyes. These classes are designed to help you connect and flow with the universe. In addition these classes teach you to listen to higher self and be guided in your life. I will be sharing with you some steps that I have learned that have helped me. I will not share things with you that I have not done or learned about myself. I have a lifelong commitment to help people move with ease to where they need to be.”