Stainless Steel Pendulum

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A pendulum to last a life time!

Made of stainless steel, this pendulum features a Hematite bead at the end of it's chain. Bearing balanced with an internal bearing insures a perfect arc while swinging.

This is an American classic design by the late Eugene Maurey, a world known dowser. Great for chart and map dowsing and a favorite of most professionals!

Stainless Steel is known to reflect negative energy. This stainless steel point and chain will last a lifetime.

Hematite connects us to the heart of the earth, grounds energy, and helps us manifest our desires and attract the life we want. A very stabilizing stone, hematite promotes strength and physical well being.

Vibration-free stainless steel bead chain. Hematite bead, made in USA.

Length is 1 1/4 inches, diameter is 9/16, weight is 17 grams.  Vibration-free stainless steel bead chain. Hematite bead, made in USA.

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