Change Your Focus, Change Your Life: A Prosperity and Abundance Workshop with Chris Carpentier

$ 55.00

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10:30 am - 1 pm

In this fun workshop, you will learn the science of creating abundance and develop a practice that supports creating and manifesting wealth, health and relationships.  Using guided meditation and visualization exercises, participants will create a new perspective and attitude about their prosperity awareness.

Benefits of taking this workshop:

  • Develop a practice that supports creating and manifesting wealth, health and relationships
  • Expand your awareness around wealth and prosperity in all areas of life
  • Deliberately turn your bad habits into positive pursuits
  • Turn “wishful” thinking into reality
  • Shift from a negative mindset to a positive one
  • Change your perception about your life and experiences
  • Get the courage to take the right actions towards manifesting what you want 

Chris Carpentier is a Certified Forsyth Crystal Light Table Practitioner, Certified Atlantean  Healing™ Practitioner, Certified Angel Card Reader, Spiritual Counselor, Certified Grief and  Career Intuitive Coach, Certified Medium, a business and life coach, Master Mind Group  Facilitator, and is the owner of Reach for the Sky Coaching and Houston Crystal Light Table  Wellness Center.

One of his main passions is to help soldiers recover from their physical and emotional traumas, especially those with PTSD.   He is also very passionate about helping those with addictions, those needing to overcome and process grief, those who are looking to find their life’s purpose and/or career, and those who having health challenges.  He has been called, “The Healer of Healers” because he offers spiritual counseling or guidance, mentorship and tools to keep other light workers stay in harmony and balance.