Tarot: Quick and Easy with Patricia Lynn

$ 45.00

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2:00 - 5:00 pm

Discover the ancient wisdom of Tarot. If you’ve been interested in learning this divinatory art, but have become frustrated with all the rules and methods and techniques and memorization, this is the class for you! 

You will walk away from this class with the knowledge and skills to do Tarot readings confidently and accurately for others.

If you have your own deck with pictures on all the cards, please bring it to class; there will be a few decks available for use as well. 


  Patricia Lynn is an Astrological Life Coach and Spiritual Teacher and has studied and worked with Astrology and Tarot for over 30 years. She has created a unique system for working with the Divine Feminine energies in your birth chart to find love, success and happiness in your life.