The Joy Manifestation Series: A 2 Part Workshop, Each Workshop $44.00 with Janelle Hoyland

$ 44.00

For the first time ever…

The Joy Manifestation series…… This is a 2 part series which is $44.00 per each workshop. 2 Workshop dates for each class are August 15, 2015 and August 16, 2015, time for both days 10:30 - 1:00 pm. Please sign up for both days separately.

Joy is the highest vibration to manifest from. I felt that many people have trouble creating and standing in manifestation. In this series I will share with how to use a host of wonderful tools to create joy.

The marriage between joy and manifestation is kismet. It’s fate. Think about all the times you have had a belly laugh those are the moments when all the universe is open to you. I will show you the artful help of joy guides and ascended masters Lakshmi and Vishnu. Come tune into your most vibrant intentions.

  • I will teach who the joy guides are
  • what’s trying to emerge from your heart to be in joy
  • clearly knowing how to ask
  • stepping up into alignment
  • how to connect to the joy guides
  • what you need to let go of
The stones associated with joy and manifestations as given to me by my guides are Kyanite and Yellow agate crazy lace. The colors are pink, green and turquoise