The Rain on the Nile

$ 14.95

Holistic Theatre for the Second Renaissance by Dan Furst.

The Rain on the Nile tells the famous mythic story of Isis and Osiris as a theatre piece with music and 21st-century technologies of light and sound. It aims to recreate as interactive theatre the experience of the ancient Egyptian ritual play, in which performer-priests and priestesses led their celebrants in a series of song and dance rites, all enacted to precise  frequencies of color, sound, movement, aromas, herbal teas and sacred geometry, all designed to work together to create a multisensory experience of spiritual lift and transformation. In short, thousands of years before the advent of today’s spiritual energy medicine, the ancient Egyptians used ritual theatre to clear the cellular memory of guilt, fear and pain, and lift the Sesh, the people, into health and freedom. 

The primeval legend cycle of Aset and Ausar, better known as Isis and Osiris, is the seed myth of Western literature, containing everything from the Green Man and the eternal vitality of nature to the healing, redeeming power of the feminine, from the Hamlet plot of the son avenging his father’s murder to the showdown battle between Good and what is superficially called Evil, but is really the absence of Love. The national myth of ancient Khemt, aka Egypt, has inspired countless stories and works of art from the dawn of history, yet it remains as fresh as this morning. 


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