The Return of the Wild Woman with Debbie Cutler and Pola Nino

$ 53.00

12:00 pm - 2:00 pm

Come and explore the sacred relationship between you, the woman, and your second heartthe womb. In this class, through different activities, you will learn the relationship between the menstrual cycles and the moon cycles.

We will begin the class with a guided meditation and the sound of a crystal bowl, tuned to the heart chakra, and continue with the study of the cycles and some fun time drawing. We will end with a magical dance, welcoming the energy of the full moon on September 24th. 

Please bring a yoga mat, water, comfortable clothes, pen, and notebook.


 Polo is a Colombian psychologist committed to menstrual education. She has walked with indigenous people from the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta and native-mestizos of the Mhuysqa people, learning self-care practices during the menstrual cycle. Through music, dance, menstrual art, meditation, and more, she brings the seeds of consciousness, remembering the moon-menstruation as a woman's medicine.

 Debbie, founder of Bridging Frequencies and the Moon Sisterhood, is a spiritual holistic coach and sound therapist, whose main goal and desire is to link the tangible with the quantum, to help bring the balance of mind, body and soul that promotes health and well-being.