The Truth About Virgo

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7:00 pm - 8:30 pm
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Virgo is one of the more misunderstood signs of the zodiac, perhaps because her ruler is yet to be "discovered".  In order to understand the true meaning of Virgo, we must explore her noble heritage in myth and lore.  This journey will take us to the High Priestesses ("Virgins") of the ancient Goddess Cults of antiquity, and their many accomplishments.   These humble servants devoted, and sometimes sacrificed, their lives in service to Humanity.  Come join us as we explore Virgo's story and speculate on her true rulership, which I believe lies right beneath our feet.  Bring your birth chart and an open mind!


Kimberly McSherry has been a student of Astrology and a professional educator since 1970. She holds degrees from Kent State University (B.S.), The State University of NY at Buffalo (MAHumanities), and The University of Houston (M.ED.Psych). She received certification as a Gestalt Therapist from The Gestalt Training Center of Houston in 1983. Kimberly is the co-founder (1980) and current Director of The Houston Institute of Astrology, offering an intensive 2-year curriculum in the study of Astrology, based on The Mystery School tradition. Her nontraditional education includes extensive study with most of the greatest names in Astrology, 5 years of extensive study and travel with various Native American Elders, and study of a vast array of metaphysical and nontraditional psychological fields.

Kimberly currently resides in Houston, Texas, where she teaches Astrology, offers private astrological consultations, and practices Gestalt Therapy. She can be reached at 713-932-9889, or by e-mail at