Holiday Wishes Come True with Tracey Lee Wallace

$ 48.00

What would make you happiest right now?

Are you wishing for...

·      Deeper self-love?

·      Intimate relationship or improved relationships?

·      Career and money flow?

·      A new home?

·      Happy family?

·      Greater peace and joy?

·      Travel and adventure?

·      Life purpose?

·      Success?

Whatever your greatest wish is right now, you can manifest it! 

Join us for a magical afternoon playing the powerful, fun, transformational energy game called ’The Wish’. You can expect to release whatever is in the way with ease, and gain the insights you need for your wish to come true! Playing The Wish is life changing, wishes really do come true!

$48.00 and limited to 8 players per week.

  Tracey Lee is a powerful coach, an avid seeker, and teacher of what she learns. She coaches adults, teens, children, couples, and families. She offers guidance, keys, tools and pearls of wisdom that allow her clients to create a deeper and more accepting understanding of themselves. The ultimate goal is the practical application of healthy self-love. Using keys gathered along her path, Tracey Lee delivers simple wisdom in a no-nonsense style, facilitating an almost immediate impact for a more peaceful, joy-filled experience. For more information visit