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Virgo Bundle

$ 76.00

Virgo Bundle

$ 76.00

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This specially crafted bundle is filled with the top 7 items every Virgo needs in order to balance, de-stress, and tap into their creative & organizational energy.

Virgo Constellation Notebook: Loyal, Gentle, Independent. This bright, iridescent notebook is an ideal space for Virgos to write out their thoughts, plans, lists, and goals. 

Mindfulness on the Go Cards: A card set of 52 simple, mindfulness practices that don’t require silent, motionless observation. We know our hardworking Virgo friends are always on the move, which is why we chose this card deck filled with convenient ways to tap into the now - whenever, wherever.

Eucalyptus Mint Salt Soak: Enjoy a luxurious bath with this high-quality blend of Epsom salt and essential oils in a resealable pouch. Virgo has a tendency to over-work and hold onto excess stress and old energy. This is the perfect way to de-stress and soothe an overactive mind and body.

Wild Lavender + Sweetgrass Soap Bar: A practical gift of organic, hand-crafted bar soap for gentle body cleansing. This unique blend of lavender and sweetgrass bring a calming energy to both the body and mind. Ingredients: Saponified oils of sustainable palm*, coconut*, olive*, essential oil blend*, aloe vera leaf juice*. *Organic.

Pyrite Cluster: Pyrite is an excellent stone for tapping into the energies of prosperity and abundance. Pyrite relates to the Solar Plexus chakra, allowing users to tap into confidence and willpower while grounding and releasing insecurities and worries. Virgo may at times be burdened with worry and overthinking. This stone is perfect to help Virgo ground and re-focus on the goals and plans they previously created. (Stone shape may vary but value will remain).

Heal Your Body: Louise Hay’s groundbreaking classic on the power of affirmative thought and how it can impact physical health. We know Virgo is all about health! Which is why we want to empower Virgo + friends on how to alter your physical, mental, spiritual health.

Virgo Astrological Mist: The Virgin. I ANALYZE. August 23 - September 22. Mutable Earth Sign. Ruling Planet: Mercury. Dedicated, Health-conscious, Organized, Responsible. This intuitively-created blend of aromatic essential oils and Holy Water is designed to enhance mental clarity and attune your environment with Virgo energy.