WATER…….THE ULTIMATE HEALER Dowsing Workshop with Sandee Mac

$ 20.00


2:00 pm - 4:00 pm

As Dowsers, we all know water is conscious and dynamic, and like the research of Dr. M. Emoto, we also know it can be powerfully influenced and changed by external factors.

Sandee will introduce us to an incredible & precise system that allows us to program a simple bottle of SPRING WATER with any of 200 possible wellness formulas.  She will give us all handouts and instructions so we can begin to work with water immediately.

Shamans know how to program water, but this system takes it to an entirely new level. Most exciting, is that water is available at little or no charge to anyone, and you can pass it on to anyone else.

Talk about leading edge techniques…as Dowsers, we will take to this "like a duck takes “__________!" Please, if possible, bring a bottle of UP TO 1 gallon size of SPRING water and your dowsing tools, pendulums or rods. You WILL leave with a bottle of miracles. Don't miss this one!

(Please know how to comfortably use your pendulum or dowsing rods.)