Year of the Witch 2023 Wall Calendar

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Manifest your own Magickal Wheel of the Year.

Would you like to start the new year off with some timely encouragement? This wall calendar by folk witch, teacher, and author Temperance Alden can help! The graphics of this book will inspire your creativity while providing insight into celebratory practices that are traditionally held during the seasons. Reaching outside of the neo-pagan Wheel of the Year, Temperance encourages us to embrace and personalize our experiences. In addition, it contains insightful rituals for any occasion or just because we're feeling blue – it's perfect either way since there's always room for improvement in life (and magick).

The paper is sourced with recycled materials and wood products that come from socially & environmentally sustainable forests.

About the author:

Temperance Alden is a social media strategist and the author of the book Year of the Witch. She began her spiritual journey with family traditions and has devoted more than nineteen years to developing and practicing her personal path of witchcraft and paganism. Temperance studied history at Salem State University and is currently studying religion in South Florida. In her free time, she enjoys blogging and reading what some might consider too many books. Temperance leads the online community Wild Woman Witchcraft and loves teaching folk witchcraft to the next generation of witches. And she hosts the FolkCraft podcast.


Size: 12" x 12"

Pages Count: 28 pages



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