Yoga Nidra B – the Sublime: Meditation with Raye Lynn Rath-Rondeau

$ 40.00


12:30 – 1:45 PM 

Yoga Nidra is a powerful sleep based meditation experience that employs specific, facilitated body and breath relaxation techniques designed to effortlessly guide you into a state of complete non-doing.  While resting comfortably on the floor or a mat, the body shifts into progressively deeper, yet completely conscious states of relaxation.  The brain waves naturally lengthen, permitting the body’s innate chemistry to produce a whole- body sense of wellness and ease.

Discover how the practice of Yoga Nidra can:

  • Increase your ability to enter profound states of expanded awareness and deep relaxation.
  • Increase your capacity and ability to remain calm and centered.
  • Increase vitality, insight and joy in all of the ways you live your life.

No previous experience necessary. 

It is highly recommended that you bring a mat or blanket to lay on, a blanket to cover up with, an eye pillow (or a wash cloth will suffice) and small pillow for your head – comfort is key.


Raye Lynn Rath-Rondeau is a Certified Yoga Nidra Facilitator in the Integrative Amrit Yoga Method and a Certified Yoga and Meditation Instructor and Teacher Trainer.   She has over 23 years experience as a Meditation and Yoga instructor, facilitator, teacher trainer and as the studio owner of one of the largest, oldest, existing yoga studios in the US.  She began practicing meditation and yoga as a very young girl in the early 70’s and has been immersed in metaphysical studies, spiritual practices, healing modalities, and philosophy and scriptural studies that span from east to west for most of her life. 

Known for her love of the practice and her skillfulness in teaching, Raye Lynn brings her own authentic voice and teaching style, making the practices of meditation and yoga nidra readily accessible; guiding us into that place inside of us where we are able to drop down beneath the constant stream of thought and sensation and granting us access into the inner landscape where we come into direct experience with our inner being, or our higher self … which is consciousness and awareness itself. 

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