Your Money Power Places: A Free Livestream Event with Dan Furst

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Besides his talk at BMS on Jan. 25, about his new book Maps of Power, Dan Furst will also do on Jan. 27 a Livestream Video event for a live audience at BMS, and for a worldwide virtual audience of subscribers to his livestream events at BMS in Houston,  Dublin (March) and Vienna (May).

Each event will cover the astrocartography maps of three subscribers to the series, and one person from the live BMS audience. 

:Learn your own places that allow more financial success and abundance in your life.

Each  of these events will feature the astrocartography maps of people who've registered for the events and attendees this night.

If you can't attend in person, visit his website: You can also receive your free gifts by:

SMS short-code (USA only)

text the keyword DAN, your name and your email to 58885


 Dan Furst’s accurate, insightful astrology readings have helped thousands of  people. He is  the  author of Finding Your Best Places (2015), Maps of Power:  Astrocarto-graphy of the  Great,  the Beautiful and the Terrible (2016) and  Surfing Aquarius (2011).

 Dan has been an astrologer, writer, actor and teacher in New York, Japan, Hawaii, India and Egypt. He lives in Pisac in the Sacred Valley near Cusco, Peru, and does readings live, and by Skype, for people all over the world


 Dan will also do private astrology readings at Body Mind & Soul from Thursday, January 26 through Saturday, January 28.

Astrocartography ($150) focuses on locational topics and looks at astrocartography maps to find your best location for your goals.

Astrology Chart readings ($125) focus on the timing of your best windows of opportunity for moving toward your goals.

Both include an mp3 recording of your session, along with your chart and maps (Astrocartography) or chart only.

Please call us to book a reading with Dan, 713-993-0550. (Dan booked up fast the last time he visited Houston. Both Susan and Denise received astrology readings from Dan and found them to be accurate and very helpful in making key decisions. We highly recommend him!)