Your Personal Oracle Tzolkin Workshop with Mariela Maya

$ 52.00

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 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm

Your Tzolkin Galactic signature or Oracle is a very powerful catalyst for personal empowerment, growth and transformation.  Learn about the basic components of the Tzolkin calendar and how they relate to your own energies and use this knowledge as a starting point for a life-changing journey full of adventure, magic and synchronicities as you get in tune with the cycle.

You will learn: 

  • How to read your personal Oracle:
    • What is your birth sign and mission in life?
    • Who guides you and shows you the way?
    • Which energy is compatible with you?
    • How do you bring your unconscious to a conscious level?
    • What is your life lesson?
  • The light and shadow aspects
  • Relationships and Combined Oracles
  • Practical application of your personal Oracle to your daily life!


Please send by email your date of birth in advance to so she can prepare your personal oracle prior to the class. All materials will be included in this workshop.

Mariela Maya has extensive experience using the Tzolkin in its modern application for the  last two decades, both in her own journey and in supporting others through personal  coaching, readings, workshops, ceremonies, group activities and trips. Mariela has  just published her first book called Practical Guide to the Tzolkin where she teaches its  basic components and the “how to’s” in very practical, down-to-earth and easy to understand ways. As a Yellow Electric Star born in the White World Bridger Wavespell, Mariela uses her creativity to share the Tzolkin in an original and personal way as she bridges the worlds. For additional information, please visit