Tapping into the power of stones is a great way to celebrate and capture the essence of the season. You can make a crystal grid, meditate with them, wear them as jewelry, or even carry them in your pocket are some simple ways to work with stones in general. These methods are by no means the only way to work with them. Let your creativity and intuition guide you.  

Below are stones that correspond to the different aspects of the Summer Solstice. There are keywords to give you a bit more information about what other properties they can be used for.

Stones corresponding to the Sun & Fire Energy

Since the Summer Solstice is the longest day of the year, the sun is said to be at its peak. The sun is also fire energy, which also corresponds to creativity, passion, drive, and adventure. 

Carnelian: Creativity, Motivation, Fertility

Fire Agate: Stimulation, Removal of Fears, Self Expression, Motivation

Malachite: Prosperity, Luck, Endurance, Protection

Sunstone: Leadership, Clear thinking, Protection, Boosts vitality

Ruby: Boosts desires, Increases courage, increases concentration, Protective/Shielding

Garnet: Promotes Courage and Joy, Attracts abundance, Emotional Balance, Spiritual Devotion

Tiger Eye: Confidence, Protection, Boundaries, Inner Strength, Courage

Lava Stone: Grounding, Fertility, Strength, Connection to Mother Earth

Honey Calcite: Attraction, Improves decision making, Accomplishing goals, Learning new skills

Topaz: Truth, Courage, Awakening, Wish Stone, Success

Stones corresponding to Rain & Water Energy

Summer is also a time when we need the rain. The heat of the day can cause crops to fail, it can also cause people to feel stagnant or irritable. To help temper the heat, we call to the water energies with these stones. They are calming and soothing. 

Aquamarine: Calming, Communication, Soothing Tempers, Protection, Courage

Prehnite: Unconditional Love, Calming, Promotes Peace, Aids in Decluttering,

Blue Lace Agate: Trust, Loyalty, Boosts confidence, Being Present, Holding space for others

Amazonite: Soothes trauma, Harmony, Self Expression, Setting Clear Boundaries

Blue Calcite: Soothes Anxiety, Strengthens Memory, New Perspectives

Emerald: Love, Heart Chakra, Prosperity, Wisdom, Friendship 

Lepidolite: Positive life change, Soothes distrust and stress, Astral Travel, Coping with Change

Blue Aventurine: Calm and balance emotions, Inner Peace, Intuition, Clairvoyance

Larimar: Eases anxiety, Relaxing and calming, Communication, Self Discovery

Sapphire: Intuition, spiritual power, Calms the mind, protection

Rainbow Moonstone: Divine Feminine, Intuition, Promotes happy home, wisdom

Stones corresponding to Love

Summer can also be a time for leisure, vacation, even love and romance. These stones will assist with self love, relationships, and the love of the present moment. 

Moonstone (Nude, Peach): Intuition, Cycles, Romance, ForgivenessEmerald: Loyalty, Balance, New Beginnings, Unity, Understandings

Rose Quartz: Self Healing, Self Love, Dispels Negativity, Self Worth, Self Trust

Rhodonite: Boosts creativity, unconditional spirit love, Perspective

Rhodochrosite: Boosts passion, Expands Love and Compassion, Healing, New Beginnings

Thuilite: Joy, Happiness, Compassion, Peace

Pink Opal: Attracting love, breaking old patterns, Emotional Support

Morganite: Inner Strength, Divine Love, Calming, Truth

Fuschite: Compassion, Self-Awareness, Generosity, Patience

Sugilite: Joy, Intuition, Inner peace, Protection, Transformation

June 20, 2022 — Denise Welling