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    Blog posts

    • September 11, 2019 Set Some Boundaries with the Full Moon in Pisces
      Set Some Boundaries with the Full Moon in Pisces The moon will be full in the watery sign of Pisces this Saturday, September 14, at 12:33 am EST. Here in Texas, the full moon will happen on Friday, September 13, at 11:33 pm. Full moons occur when the sun and moon are in opposite signs at the exact same degree and minute, creating a sense of tension in our lives.
    • September 04, 2019 Awakening Your Intuition
      Awakening Your Intuition While culture and education have taught us how to rely on our logical left brain for survival and success, the right brain is the realm of creativity, emotion, and intuition. Energetically housed within the third-eye chakra, but connecting to all chakras⁠—particularly the crown and heart⁠—intuition is our inner sense of knowing that bypasses conscious reasoning. 
    • August 27, 2019 Enrich Your Life with Animal Communication
      Enrich Your Life with Animal Communication Animal communicators, also known as pet psychics, are said to be able to communicate with domesticated—and sometimes wild—animals in a nonverbal way to help us understand behavioral issues, medical conditions, and the emotional and energetic state of our animals better. 
    • August 22, 2019 Make a Wish with the New Moon in Virgo
      Make a Wish with the New Moon in Virgo The moon is on her way to being new, Friday, August 30, at 5:37 am CST, in the earthy sign of Virgo. New moons are about new beginnings and putting the past behind you. The energy of a new moon is the perfect time to make wishes and set new intentions.