About Us

Our family-run gift & crystal shop is tailored to provide you with all the tools you need for modern spiritual living. Shop crystals, self-care, books, decks, candles & wellness at our Houston storefront or online.

Whether you are just beginning to explore spiritual and metaphysical traditions, looking to gain insight in how to live mindfully and consciously or if you are continuing your journey into the knowledge of sacred spaces using rocks, crystals, and tarot cards, we have what you are looking for.

Our family has been serving the Greater Houston area since 1980, and pride ourselves on a diverse and thoughtfully curated selection of products, along with special events with such luminaries as Louise Hay, Deepak Chopra, Maryann Williamson, and most recently, psychic medium Mark Anthony.

Why Body Mind & Soul?

We strive to provide an experience that provides greater healing connections, meaningful and thoughtful tools, along with gifts and home decor to create the sacred space that you have been yearning for. In addition to providing our customers with an online store, we have also expanded our Houston location to almost 6,000 square feet to provide an even more diverse selection of books, gifts, jewelry and crystals. Come explore our own sacred space, created and curated just for you.

Our Story

Founded in 1980, Body Mind & Soul has become a beloved resource for positive living. We see life as a journey of growth and learning. Ours began with a comparative religion class—over five hundred miles away from Houston in the latter seventies. 

When our founder, Susan, attended a set of lectures given at a Presbyterian University, she was hooked. The class professor had been one of the transcribers of the Dead Sea Scrolls and painted a picture of world religions as an interweaving tapestry of faiths tied to a universal truth. As she became increasingly influenced by the transcriptions, a whole new spiritual world opened up. From that day, she began exploring spiritual traditions from around the world.

After relocating to Houston, she delved into Astrology. With her family, she trained in transcendental meditation. In 1980, she decided to open a small shop in Bellaire as a way to meet like-minded people. That shop—Body Mind & Soul—soon outgrew its space and moved to a larger spot near Highland Village, surrounded by the tranquility of trees and other independent shops. It remained there for over two decades before moving to its current location on the Katy Freeway.

Over the years, Body Mind & Soul has become a family affair: mother, father, son, and daughter. Chances are good that you will meet one of us on the sales floor.

We're Excited to See You

Our staff is talented in their own right. They are energy healers, tarot readers, astrologers, certified crystal healers, sound therapists, and much more.

Our desire is much like yours. To better understand ourselves, to explore world tradition, and to live mindfully and consciously. We strive to create a more positive world both for ourselves and others. Many of you are healers, creatives, shamans, and trail blazers - and we are excited to meet you!