The moon will be new this Thursday July 28 in the fiery sign of Leo at 12:55 pm CST.  New moons occur every month when the sun and moon are in the same sign at the exact same degree, this is known as a conjunction in astrology.  New moons are the perfect time each month to make a wish or set new intentions.  The new moon is like a monthly reset.  For this particular lunation the sun and moon will be at 5 degrees of Leo.  

Zodiac Facts: Leo

Keywords associated with Leo: creativity, self-expression, theater, drama, popularity, playfulness, charisma, majesty, vitality and royalty.  

Every astrological sign belongs to one of the four elements; fire, earth, air or water and Leo belongs to the fire element meaning passion, enthusiasm and courage take center stage.  There is a restlessness to the fire signs along with a passion and flair for the dramatic and theatrical.  This is especially true for Leo because the sign of the Lion rules the 5th House, the angle of the astrological wheel that is associated with self-expression, romance and theater.  So at its most basic level this new moon in Leo may be giving you a nudge to express yourself.  Leo rules the heart so speaking from the heart is a definite go with the new moon in Leo.  You can also express yourself through creativity so go ahead and sign up for that art class you’ve been contemplating.  In fact, the tarot card associated with this lunation is the Five of Wands.  I call the Five of Wands the “blocked creative energy that needs to be released” card and remember there’s lots of ways to be creative.  

Zodiac Modalities: Fixed

Each astrological sign belongs to a modality which further describes the attitude and nature of a sign and there are three modalities; cardinal, fixed or mutable.  Leo belongs to the fixed modality meaning this is a sign that has staying power. So, this new moon in Leo may be a call to stand in your power.  If you’ve been conflicted about a decision or feel blocked on some level use the tenacity and grit of this fixed sign to overcome your obstacles.  Stand your ground and be willing to face conflicts. 

Ruling Planet: The Sun

Leo is ruled by the sun, the most important part of our chart.  It’s the first thing most of learn when we become interested in astrology.  Our sun sign represents who we are becoming and sometimes we have to fight for that.  You can’t wait around for others to give you permission to be you.  When you own your sun sign you own your power and that means you may have to deal with conflict.  Are you ready to stand up for yourself?  A new moon in Leo puts the focus back on you.  If you feel you’ve been forgotten or overlooked, a Leo new moon awakens our need to be recognized our contributions.  Whether you’re an outgoing or shy person we all need to be recognized at times, we need to know that we matter. 

In the Houses

So, to make the most of this new moon in Leo center your wishes and intentions around the Leo themes as discussed above; individuality, self-expression and creativity.  Leo and the 5th House are also linked to romance so this would be a perfect time to set a new intention for your love life.  Leo also rules children so if you’ve been thinking about starting a family this would be a great new moon to set that intention.  

Crystals for the New Moon in Leo

If you work with crystals and stones, topaz and tiger eye are great stones for this new moon.  According to Judy Hall the author of the Crystal Bible, both topaz and tiger eye aids with self-empowerment along with recognizing our inner riches and talents.  Tiger eye also serves as a great protective stone.  

Since I mentioned Leo’s association with the heart, love and romance, rose quartz is another excellent stone to work with during this new moon.  If you’ve been holding on to past emotional and romantic hurts, rose quartz acts as a great healer of the heart.  

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July 27, 2022