Moonstone: Healing Properties, Lore and Moon Magic

Moonstone is a magical and beautiful member of the Feldspar family.  It is named for the moving light that resembles the glow of the moon through a bit of cloud coverage. With its pearly luster, Moonstone conjures images of mystery, wonder, and lovers underneath the full moon.  Moonstone comes in many colors such as peach, nude, black, and green, as well as in a pearly white with blue flash known as Rainbow Moonstone.

Moonstone Lore and Mythology: Love, Magic, & Protection

Also known as Hecatolite and Adularia, in some mythologies it is said that Moonstone is made of moonbeams that have been solidified. We often associate the moon itself with the unknown, stories of magic, intuition, and cycles.

Underneath the light of the moon…often this is considered to be a romantic atmosphere for those who have found love. Long strolls and stolen kisses, the wind in the trees, the possibility of everything. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why Moonstone is known as a “Lovers Stone”.  In India, Moonstone is sacred and is often given as a wedding gift.

In some cultures, lovers will gift each other with a piece of moonstone after a quarrel. To signal their apology and calming. An old recipe for seeking your true love is to hold a piece of moonstone in your hand underneath the light of a full moon while envisioning your true love coming to you. For the magic to take effect, you must carry that piece of moonstone with you until the next full moon.

It is also said that if you plant moonstone in the center of the garden underneath the full moon, the garden will be fertile and the yield will be plenty. Travelers who carry Moonstone (especially at night), are believed to receive protection from Moonstone, likewise swimmers and sea voyagers due to that the moon is connected to the tides.

Moonstone Meaning: Intuition & Cycles

Given its lunar connection, Moonstone is associated with the Divine Feminine, Intuition, and Cycles. Many have heard of how women’s cycles are connected to the movement of the lunar cycle. The truth is that everyone, humans, animals, insects, plants and the tides are linked with the ebb and flow of the moon. It is said that the brilliance of Moonstone moves with the cycle of the moon, gaining brightness and brilliance during the waxing cycle and peaking at the full moon, losing brightness and brilliance during the waning cycle. 

Moonstone helps us to strengthen our connection to these cycles. In our busy society that operates at all hours of the day and night, Moonstone helps us to find pause and rest, so that we may find that quiet inner voice. It helps us to move within our physical limits. Our bodies often tell us when to move, be still, create, work, rest, ponder….yet our minds do not always allow us to heed them. Moonstone helps us to move past the noise of the brain, into the place of quiet being, where our intuition thrives and our senses come alive. 

Moonstone Magic: Dreaming Soul Work

Moonstone can assist us with interpreting the symbols that our dreams bring to us and thus guide us on our inward journey. It encourages lucid dreaming, particularly during the full moon. Moonstone has a calming effect on the body and the mind. It can soothe emotional instability and overreactions to emotional triggers, which allow us to dive into the deep waters of the Soul Self. It is a good stone to have near you when participating in past life regressions.

Working with Moonstone: Wear Moonstone Jewelry

One of the most enjoyable ways to work with Moonstone is to wear it. Self-decoration is a time honored practice that includes intention and love. It is available in necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and rings. When you wear this stone, you carry the peaceful light of the moon and the mystery of the Divine wherever you go. Simply touch the piece that you are wearing if you need a moment to pause and “tap in”.

Another efficient way to work with Moonstone is simply to carry it in your pocket. If you don’t happen to have pockets, you can put it in a wallet, purse or backpack. The point is to have a couple of these stones accessible so you can feel their vibration. Just having it near you is enough to feel and call on its energy. 


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June 08, 2022