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Jennifer McGee

Jennifer offers Life Purpose Hand Analysis at our storefront.

Jennifer McGee is a certified hand analyst with the International Institute for Hand Analysis and is a life coach graduate of Brooke Castillo’s, The Life Coach School. She has over 15 years of experience helping people get on their unique path to happiness.

Her path to becoming a practitioner was one of fate and synchronicity combined with choices. She first learned about hand analysis by attending a hosted house event with Richard Unger, a reader from California. His analysis was so spot-on and validating, she decided to host his next event when he returned to Houston.

Ten years passed. Jennifer had married and the marriage had hit a trouble spot. As part of her co-dependency work, she recalled the experience with Unger and decided to give analysis a try. “I was trying to pick something that wasn’t my family’s, something I enjoyed,” says McGee, “and that was the first thing that popped into my head. That week, I go to my local coffee shop and who do I see but Linda, who was the host of the group that night ten years ago, and I had never seen before, and I didn’t know her other than that. But I knew that she studied with Richard.”

As luck had it, one of his students was arriving in Houston to handle the year-long training. She jumped at the chance and was certified in 2005.

Modern hand analysis is non-predictive and contains no form of fortunetelling. Instead, it looks at two psychologies reflected in the hands: our soul psychology and our personality – our behavioral/emotional psychology.

Jennifer’s analysis sessions delve into the individual’s psyche and personal traits. She determines the print chart based on the finger markings. From this, she is able to discuss the nature of the individual’s School (the most general theme of the hands), along with the underlying purpose and lesson. She also compares this soul psychology to the client’s behavioral psychology/personality. All together, this information will show where the individual want to go, where they are now, and indicates a way forward.

Jennifer is a native Texan, having been born in Austin, and spending time in Florida before moving back to Houston. She grew up in a Brady Bunch-model family. Her introduction to hand analysis had a great impact on her private life, “problem solving on a different level,” as she describes it, which in turn helped her in her communication and relationships.

In addition to hand analysis, Jennifer also works as a life coach and is able to help people work through their issues to find a clear path. She also is an accomplished artist. The wall murals at Body Mind & Soul are testaments to her creativity, from the zodiac signs on the rear wall to the moon illustration that can be seen in our monthly lunar video blogs on Instagram.

As she works with others, she continues to discover new aspects of herself. “I had to stick with it, and it was part of my own journey of building. I’m following the parts of me that I love the most about myself. And a lot of people have to do that.”

Jennifer's Offerings

Life Purpose Hand Analysis

Bring your mind, heart and Soul into alignment through modern hand analysis.  This session begins with plotting your ten fingerprints, which are formed 5 months before you are born and function as a map for this lifetime.  Jennifer will help you understand your unique program so that you may release your patterns of fear, liberate your heart and live your True Self in all areas of your life.

Book a 30 min or 60 min in-person reading!

What is a Hand Analysis Reading?

Curious about getting a Hand Analysis Reading, but not sure what the entails? Read our Hand Analysis Reading FAQ for more information on this style of reading.

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