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Our talented readers and practitioners offer a wide variety of energetic healing offerings and personal spiritual readings.

Our Readers

Kali Schiska

Kali offers Tarot readings at our storefront, on Zoom, or via phone.

Kali is a spiritual crafter, artist, and educator. She has over a decade of experience teaching students from early childhood to adults in a variety of subjects. A life-long learner and a jack of all trades, Kali has been studying and working with Tarot since 2014. During the pandemic, she enrolled in Lindsay Mack’s course, Tarot for the Wild Soul. This would forever change her perspective on tarot interpretation and deepen her bond to the cards. She is of the mind that Tarot is so much more than a tool for divination. Each card brings its own teachings, guidance, and protection that can assist us on our path to self-awareness and everyday life. Her passions in life revolve around crafting with her hands (such as knitting, crochet, herb gardening, jewelry, and baking), creative expression, and being of service to those on their own spiritual journey.

Connect with Kali
Instagram: @serpentandspider

Kali's Offerings

Tarot Reading

Deepen your self-awareness and explore your hidden potential with a Guardian Reading. During your session, Kali will intuit messages and energies using the Tarot, Oracle Cards, and Stones that will guide you on your life quest. She will also provide tools that will help you process the information received during the reading so that you can put it into practice in your daily life.  

Book a 30 min or 60 min in-person or virtual reading!

What is a Card Reading?

Curious about getting a Card Reading, but not sure what the entails? Read our Card Reading FAQ for more information on this style of reading.

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