Your Local Crystal Store

If you're looking for a new source for crystals, gemstones, and other metaphysical supplies, you may be wondering if it really matters where you shop. After all, crystals are crystals, right? Well, actually, there can be quite a difference between shopping at a local crystal shop versus shopping virtually from an unknown supplier online.
Shopping locally for your crystals supports small businesses, which in turn supports your local community and economy. Here's why our customers appreciate shopping at our local crystal shop.

Top 10 Reasons for Choosing a Local Crystal Shop:

Reason #1

Feel the healing energy

Many customers tell us they like to shop in our store because of our large selection and different varieties of stones and crystals. They like the fact that they can "feel" the stones and choose the ones they absolutely love.

There is a certain magic that happens when you combine the clarity of your intentions with the powerful energies of crystals. The results can be life-changing! When you shop at a local crystal store, you have the opportunity to touch both raw crystals and polished tumbled stones, and get a sense of their healing energies. This in-person experience can be very meaningful.

Reason #2

Visiting our store is fun!

It’s a fun trip when you come into our shop. Some people spend hours in our store looking at all the different gemstones, fossils and crystals. It feels like a trip to a natural science museum.

Going to a great rock shop can be an amazing experience the whole family enjoys, as we have something for everyone.

Reason #3

You get to be picky about which stone is right for you

See and feel the stones and pick the exact size and color that you like best. Experience the way they physically feel in your hand, but also how they feel vibrationally before you make your purchase.

Some customers feel tingles or warmth in their body when they hold certain healing crystals. This is a good way to see if a particular crystal is right for you. Even if you don’t feel the magic, you can at least pick the shape and color which visually appeal to you. Sometimes color is the best way to choose and connect with a mineral.

Reason #4

A truly unique stone won't often appear online

Some stones and minerals are rare, or the mine has closed, or for some other reason they are hard to purchase. Often these stones are excellent quality but are not listed on websites because they are one of a kind.

In our store we have a wide variety of special stone lots that you cannot find on our online site. These are only available to customers searching in-store.

Reason #5

Stones are heavy to ship from a faraway location

Often our distant customers are willing to spend the money to order a quality gem or mineral online because they know they can trust us and they are willing to invest more in that trust. However, our local clients get the benefits of our store and don't need to consider the shipping options.  Plus many of our heavier or more delicate stones wouldn’t ship well so we don’t have them listed online and they can only be purchased in store.

Reason #6

Get better size, dimension, shape and color matching of gemstones for your home decor

If you are enhancing your space with stone specimens,  we can help you pick out larger pieces that work well together. At our shop, we have a wide variety of sizes, shapes and stone colors to choose from. Our team can suggest the pieces that meet your specifications.

Reason #7

Find gemstone jewelry that fits your style so you can wear your crystals

When you visit our store, treat yourself by browsing our amazing gemstone jewelry. You might decide that wearing your crystals is better than carrying tumbled or raw stones. A gemstone necklace or quartz bracelet is a beautiful way to raise your energy.

Looking for great gifts for your friends? We have "Happy Birthday" gemstone necklaces as well as zodiac birthstone jewelry too. Looking for a gift for a loved one? How about rose quartz earrings or a ring?

Reason #8

You are supporting small local businesses when shopping at a local crystal store

We are a family who have owned this business for almost 40 years. We truly appreciate your support. We love what we do and so do our staff members. Many of our employees are  certified crystal healing practitioners or Reiki practitioners  who can help you if you get stuck or need advice. Oftentimes we use our own intuition to help guide you through your purchase.

Plus we have a wonderful and friendly community of customers who like to help. Meeting others with similar spiritual interests can open doors to new knowledge or support.

Reason #9

You will see one of the largest selection of tumbled stones in a physical store

We stock everything from rose quartz to green aventurine to tiger's eye. We have a great selection of hard to find stones such as brandberg amethyst, Cacholong Opal and Cassiterite stones.There are over 400 varieties of tumbled stones on our sales floor.

Reason #10

You can buy more than just crystals

Sometimes to begin your crystal journey, you also need crystal books, crystal decks, cleansing tools, crystal gridding supplies, pendulums or other crystal accessories.  

We carry everything you need for modern spiritual living even beyond crystals, including books, decks, incense & sage, candles, bath & body products, yoga supplies, sound healing tools, and jewelry.  You’re bound to find just what you need in our local crystal shop, especially if shopping for more than just crystals!

You can still shop online for your crystals if that’s more convenient for you!

While we do love meeting you in person and guiding you to the perfect tools for your spiritual journey or gift, we also ship all over the US. We add new items to our website weekly. And it is still our same team who pulls your online orders. Many of them are trained in various spiritual paths such as being certified crystal practitioners or reiki practitioners. 

It’s easy to shop with your mobile device. Each crystal on our website has detailed meanings and properties for most of our stones. It is both a discovery and learning experience. Sometimes it is easier to shop online by gemstone to see the complete selection of jewelry, polished shaped crystals, and tumbled or raw natural stones.

 You will always find us at the store 7 days a week (usually between 10:00 and and 5:00 pm CST) during our opening hours. Give us a call at 713-993-0550 if you have any questions about an online product or your order. We pull and ship your order within 48 hours during weekdays and fulfill weekend orders on Mondays.