The moon is on her way to being full this Wednesday August 30 in the watery sign of Pisces at 8:36 pm CST. Full moons occur every month when the sun and moon are in opposite signs at the exact same degree. For this particular full moon the sun is in earthy Virgo at 7 degrees which means the moon will be in the opposite sign of Pisces at 7 degrees. Full moons create a sense of tension, we can feel like we’re being pulled in two different directions and our goal is to try and find a sense of balance. This full moon is a perfect example of this dichotomy; the sun is in the sign of Virgo, an earth sign, meaning this is a sign that leans toward the practical and material while the moon in watery Pisces leans toward the ethereal, fantastical and emotional. Full moons can bring situations to completion and they can cast light on what was previously hidden or kept secret in our lives.

This also a Blue Moon meaning this is the second full moon in a calendar month; the first full moon occurred on August 1 in the airy sign of Aquarius. Now this doesn’t mean the moon will actually be blue, this phrase “blue moon” comes from the old saying “once in a blue moon” meaning something rare or impossible.

The third component of this lunation is it’s also a supermoon. A supermoon occurs when the full moon is the closest point to the earth during its orbit thus making the moon look larger than it normally does. In astrology the moon is associated with our feelings, emotions, moods, the unconscious, our habits, imagination and memory. So it only makes sense that during a supermoon our feelings, moods and emotions can feel amplified. This is especially true for this particular full moon supermoon because the moon and the sign of Pisces are both related to the water element; the element linked to feelings and emotions.

Keywords and the Full Moon in Pisces: intuitive, kind, compassionate, esoteric, impressionable, imaginative, psychic, melancholy, sensitive, temperamental, emotional, addiction, forgiveness, poetry. Look over the keywords and think about which ones might describe your life and circumstances right now. Which keywords just jump out at you?

The Elements and the Full Moon in Pisces: All twelve zodiac signs can be divided by element and there are four elements in astrology; fire, earth, air or water. Pisces belongs to the water trigon meaning emotions, imagination, sensitivity and intuition take center stage. As mentioned earlier, Virgo the current sun sign is focused on practicality, reality and results; the complete opposite of Pisces. During a full moon in Pisces we’re being encouraged to feel our way through our current circumstances. Pisces is a sign that uses feelings to make connection with others. So we could be craving a deeper, more emotional connection in our primary relationships.

During a full moon in Pisces we are much more sensitive to our environment and the needs and feelings of others. While this can foster deeper connections with others we have to be careful. This sensitivity can get us in trouble if we don’t have good boundaries; we can become little psychic sponges that quickly become overwhelmed by the feelings of those around us. When this happens we can experience the dark side of Pisces; escapism. We start reaching for too many cookies or cocktails as a way to numb and comfort ourselves. It’s important to see people and situations as they are and not as we would like them to be, in other words, we may need to take off our rose-colored glasses.

Pisces and the moon both are associated with intuition and imagination so our psychic vibe can be turned up during this time. A full moon in Pisces can be a good time to jot down any dreams, impressions, visions or gut feelings we’re experiencing. This would also be a good time to do meditation. As mentioned earlier a keyword linked to Pisces is forgiveness so this is a perfect full moon to admit any resentments you’ve been carrying around and make an effort to forgive and let it go.

Crystals and the Full Moon in Pisces: Here are some suggestions for stones and crystals you may want to work with during this full moon.

Amethyst: Not only is this a protective stone but it also assists us in opening our third eye, the chakra associated with intuition and seeing our lives from a higher, more spiritual perspective.

Rhodocrosite: If you’re someone who sacrifices your own needs for the needs of others then this is your stone. Rhodochrosite assists us with self-love and self-worth.

Celestite and Chrysoprase: If you feel like you’ve lost your spiritual connection, meditating or carrying Celestite and Chrysoprase assists in reconnecting with the Divine.


August 28, 2023