Amazing gift ideas for Virgos, the most detail oriented sun sign 

Virgo season is here and lasts from August 23 to September 22.

A Virgo sun sign is ruled by Mercury and their mind is sharp. They love information, education and entertainment. They are loyal and loving friends, always ready to help out. Studious, practical, organized, and a bit of a perfectionist, they work hard  and have high standards.

They are super practical and love to receive gifts that are useful. Consider gifting them something they might use everyday but in a super deluxe form. Scented quadruple milled soap that is rich and fragrant will up level their bathing experience. 

Modest Virgo is down-to-earth, but their detail-oriented nature and need to serve can leave them frazzled at times. A deluxe candle that has soothing scents can settle those nerves with its essential-oil-based fragrance.

If you want to bejewel a Virgo, you must appeal to their practical nature. Stick to something that reflects their devotion to others, like a mala necklace which they can use in meditation or for mindfulness. 

Virgos are also one of the most organized signs. Gifting them a planner or even a new 2023 calendar.

Virgos are an earth sign and they love plants and herbs. We have a whole new bevy of  books on herbs and apothecary topics. A couple of these will keep them up all night reading.

They are also all about wellness bath products and fancy teas are right up their alley. They love beauty and bath rituals and healthy habits . In fact they can be all about health and are always exploring new ways to be fit and well. Wellness teas, bath salts, and soothing lotions usually appeal to this interest.

Virgos are discriminating, maybe even a little picky, but here are some thoughtful gift ideas that they will love:

Virgo Zodiac Tee

Go ahead and wear your Virgo sign with pride. This specialty Virgo zodiac tee shirt is inspired by the rock band aesthetic of yesteryear, from the colors and design to the lettering unique to each sign. Make a statement or gift it to your favorite astrology bestie. 100% cotton fabric with pigment dyed for vintage look, soft, high-quality material with hand grinded edges and rolled sleeves.

Rose Quartz Mala

Rose Quartz MalaRose quartz opens the heart chakra and attunes us with the energy and properties of love, compassion, forgiveness, mercy, and kindness. A very nurturing stone, rose quartz will gently remind you to take care of yourself so you can continue to care for others. Rose quartz enhances happiness, healing and kindness. 

Goddess Perfume

Add an exquisite fragrance to your life with the Goddess Potion Spray Perfume. This is a scent of succulent essential oils perfectly blended to create a powerful deity spray potion.

Fragrance Notes: Delicate orange blossom, gardenia, tuberose, jasmine, vanilla, sandalwood, patchouli, white musk 


Encyclopedia of Crystals, Herbs, and New Age Elements


Virgos do love to research. The Encyclopedia of Crystals, Herbs, and New Age Elements is the perfect book to teach them everything they wanted to know about crystals, herbs and all things new-agey. With detailed descriptions and an informative glossary, you can quickly discover the New Age element that best serves your purpose, whether it's promoting healing, activating creativity, or bringing about good fortune.


How about some wearable style? With a luxurious crepe de chine feel, this Painted Peony Kimono Jacket will have you showing off your artistic flair and it’s the perfect piece for dressing up a simple outfit! Equally suited to wrap around your sleepwear - or to elevate your dinner party look, you will never want to take it off! This is one of several kimono styles that we have.

Healing Weave Tibetan Metal Bracelet


These therapeutic Healing Weave Tibetan Metal Bracelets are handmade with interwoven brass, copper and Tibetan silver.  They are believed to have healing properties that balance inner energies and promote healthy blood flow and circulation. The bracelets bend to fit most wrist sizes.  They are made by skilled crafts artisans in Nepal according to traditional methods handed down from multiple generations of family artisans.

Rose Oracle

A secret symbol of Goddesses of old, the rose has captivated mystics, artists, healers, and poets through the ages. She is much more ancient than we and has potent medicine for these times. This activating Rose Oracle Deck opens the doorway to the physical and spiritual teachings of Mother Rose. May Her mysteries call you home to your own true nature and invite you to plant your soul more deeply than ever before. Deck includes a deep-rooted guidebook to help you connect with the healing energy of the rose.

Peridot Orgonite Pyramid

Uplift and cleanse the energy in your space with this Peridot Orgonite Pyramid. Orgonite is made to capture, cleanse and release energy. It is a combination of crystals and tiny metal pieces held together by a resin, often made into the shape of a pyramid. Peridot can range from light to dark green colors.  It's a stone considered to tie in with purifying and neutralizing toxins and negative emotions. 

Jardin De Verveine Petite Jar Candle

Indulge yourself, Virgo, with a Jardin De Verveine Jar Candle. Peer through stalks of lemongrass and verbena as you enter the overgrown threshold of an alchemist’s sanctuary. As you soak in your surroundings, a zesty citrus and herbal accord cultivate your curiosity and enlighten your spirit. Stimulate your senses with notes of Lemon, May Chang and Lemongrass. Softened with a heart of Verbena, Lime, Geranium and a hint of Jasmine. Your thoughts and energy are suddenly refreshed by green Anise notes and a flash of Mint. This is where the magic happens.

Virgo Astrology Bar Soap

Get your Virgo all sudsy with this scented zodiac bar soap to match their sign. This astrologically influenced soap, celebrates Virgo season between August 23 - September 22. This soap is defined as Overthinking Oranges Scented: Smells like making a list to make a list. It defines Virgo as a trivia champ, spreadsheet master, and an Impromptu party planner. Remember: "Virgos have it all figured out."


Need more gift ideas for your Virgo? Whether your loved one is into practicality or experiential items, we’ve got something for them. Be sure to check out our Virgo Gift Guide and find the perfect present today! >>>

Illustration courtesy Dorothe from Pixabay

August 24, 2023