The moon is on her way to being full this Friday September 29 in the fiery sign of Aries at 4:58 am CST.  Full moons occur every month when the sun and moon are in opposite signs at the exact same degree; for this particular full moon the sun will be at 6 degrees Libra while the moon will be in the opposite sign of Aries at 6 degrees.  Full moons can be quite potent because our passions and emotions can be intense.  Full moons can have a sense of completion about them.  Looking back on the previous months we had not one but two new moons in the sign of Aries; the first on March 21 and the second one on April 20.  It’s harvest time, you are now reaping the seeds you planted during the new moons in March and April.  Full moons also cast light on what was previously hidden.  Confusing situations in your life during the earlier Aries’ new moons this year may now make sense.  

Themes and Keywords for the Full Moon in Aries:  energetic, enthusiasm, impulsive, exciting, confident, bold, optimistic, passionate, competitive, anger, forceful, selfish and volatile.  Look over the keywords and think about the ones that describe your life and your circumstances right now.  

Numerology and the Full Moon in Aries:  Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and it rules the first astrological house of Self and Identity.  In Vedic/Hindu astrology some astrologers use the number 1 to represent Aries.  In numerology each number 1-9 relates to one of the planets.  The number 1 is linked to the brilliant and radiant sun; the luminary that all the other planets revolve around.  A full moon in Aries can be telling you it’s time to put yourself first especially if you’ve gotten in the habit of putting others’ needs before your own.  

The Astrological Aries:  Aries is a fire sign meaning enthusiasm, passion, boldness and courage take center stage.  While Libra (current sun sign) is an air sign meaning analysis and thinking takes precedence, Aries energy is just the opposite it’s about getting into your body and your instincts.  A full moon in Aries can be encouraging you to connect with your passions, feelings and desires.  If you’re in a quandary about something instead of using your head to figure things out listen to your body.  What is your body telling you about this situation?  Fire signs tend to be bold and courageous so instead of hesitating and backing down forge ahead, take a risk, show others what you’ve got.  Don’t be afraid to step into the spotlight.  

Mars is the planetary ruler of Aries.  In Roman mythology, Mars was the god of war.  In astrology, Mars represents the masculine principle and we aren’t really talking about gender here.  The masculine principle is that part of you, male or female, that takes action.  In your personal astrological chart Mars represents your ability to be assertive and take action.  If we didn’t have a Mars in our chart then we wouldn’t be able to accomplish anything.  If we ignore or banish our Mars then we end up giving our power over to others and if we do this on a regular basis we become resentful.  If you’re angry about something in your life right embrace that anger it’s trying to tell you something.  Anger can give you the necessary push you need to make changes in your life.  Just like the sun, Mars is currently transiting the sign of Libra.

As mentioned above Libra is an air sign meaning it’s a sign that likes to think things through.  Libra is ruled by Venus the goddess of beauty, harmony and relationships.  Libra is an energy that typically avoids confrontation because it disrupts harmony (Venus) and balance (the Scales).  The problem here is we may be avoiding a much needed confrontation just to keep the peace.  A full moon in Aries can be telling us it’s time to stir the pot a little.  Aries energy isn’t people-pleasing energy, it’s me energy so taking action on your own behalf may mean you risk the disapproval of others.  Where do you need to be more assertive in your life?  What do you desire?  What are you passionate about?  

Crystals, Stones and the Full Moon in Aries: 

Ruby is a great stone for this full moon because it’s a stone that supports your need for passion and adventure.  Sunstone is another good stone for this lunation because it’s energy can help you overcome hesitation and procrastination.

Photo courtesy fszalai from Pixabay

September 28, 2023 — Denise Welling