The moon is on her way to being full this Wednesday July 13 in the earthy sign of Capricorn at 1:38 pm CST.  Full moons occur every month when the sun and moon are in opposite signs at the exact same degree.  For this particular full moon the sun will be at 21 degrees Cancer while the moon will be in the opposite sign of Capricorn at 21 degrees.  Full moons can create a sense of tension like we’re being pulled in two different directions and our goal is to try and find some sense of balance.  Full moons can also cast light on what is hidden or out of sight.  

Zodiac Facts:  Capricorn and Cancer

Every astrological sign belongs to one of the four elements; fire, earth, air or water and Capricorn is an earth sign meaning it’s a security conscious sign that places a high value on the pragmatic.  Earth signs aren’t interested in theory, they’re looking for results. 

Cancer belongs to the water element meaning feelings, sensitivity and intuition take center stage.  So, at the most basic level this current full moon could mean our feelings may need to take a backseat to what is practical and workable.  Capricorn has a very strong survival instinct that doesn’t give up easily.  In the midst of difficulties and with the odds stacked against her the mountain goat continues to the finish line come hell or high water.  Perseverance is a key word associated with Capricorn and a reminder to us all to keep it moving. “Don’t quit five minutes before the miracle” is a great power mantra to use during this full moon.  We don’t want to let our emotions, the Cancer part of this lunation, get the best of us.  We can love and appreciate our feelings while not being ruled by them.  

Zodiac Modalities: Cardinal

Each zodiac sign belongs to one of the three modalities; cardinal, fixed or mutable.  The modality tells you about the nature and attitude of a sign.  Both Capricorn and Cancer are cardinal signs meaning both signs like to start and initiate things; Capricorn likes to initiate plans (earth sign) while Cancer likes to initiate feelings (water sign).  So, with cardinal energy being abundant, this full moon in Capricorn is a perfect time to act and initiate our plans.  During this lunation think of one thing you could do even if it’s a small baby step that would advance you toward your goal.  Follow-through is a keyword linked to cardinal signs.  

In the Houses

Every astrological sign is associated with one of the twelve houses and for Capricorn that’s the 10th House of career and public recognition while Cancer is linked to the 4th House of home, family and emotions.  This current full moon could cast a light on where we need to put our attention and energy; our career (Capricorn) vs our home and family (Cancer).  Maybe you’ve been devoting too much time to work while neglecting your family.  Conversely, you may be holding yourself back in the career department because of pressure from your family. 

Ruling Planets: Saturn & the Moon 

Every zodiac sign is ruled by a planet and that planetary ruler for Capricorn is Saturn.  In certain astrological circles Saturn is known as the Cosmic Taskmaster.  Keywords associated with Saturn are karma, restriction, responsibility, duty, patience and perseverance.  Being a taskmaster, Saturn won’t let us off the hook until we’ve learned our lesson.  So, if we try to run and hide during this full moon, we may experience the darker side of Saturn; delays, obstacles, depression, anxiety and disappointment.  

The moon is the ruler of Cancer, the current sun sign, and she’s in her detriment in Capricorn meaning she isn’t comfortable in the sign of the mountain goat.  With restrictive Saturn as the ruler of Capricorn we may be unwilling to share our feelings.  As mentioned earlier this puts us in a bit of a battle because feelings are a priority when Cancer is prominent.  Instead of stuffing our feelings or being ruled by them you may need to ask yourself, “what feelings am I holding in and fearful of expressing?”  

Crystals for the Full Moon in Capricorn

If you work with crystals during a full moon ritual and you need to express feelings you’ve been holding in you may want to try crystals related to the throat chakra like sodalite, blue kyanite, blue lace agate or amazonite.  

If you’re going through a more emotionally difficult time you may want to think about rose quartz or amethyst.  Rose quartz is associated with the heart and amethyst has not only a protective quality to it but also a tranquilizing energy also.  Rhodochrosite, like rose quartz, is related to the heart and it’s especially good for issues around self-love and self-acceptance.  

Neptune and Venus

On the day of the full moon in Capricorn Neptune and Venus will be in a difficult square aspect. Venus is associated with love, beauty and relationships while Neptune is linked to spirituality, psychic power and illusions and delusions.  If you’ve recently met someone be sure you don’t have your rose-colored glasses on.  A difficult Neptune/Venus aspect challenges us to see others, especially in the romantic department, as they are and not as we’d like them to be.  As mentioned earlier, rose quartz is great for the heart and love but you may want to add some hematite to the mix because it has a grounding energy to it.  Hematite helps us keep our feet on the ground while our head is in the stars.  

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July 11, 2022 — Denise Welling