Tender Cancer has a soft heart and a sensitive soul.  This watery sign is often aware of the emotional undercurrents of any situation or person, including themselves. If you want to woo this Moon-ruled sign on their birthday, show them you care. 

Typical Cancer Personality Traits and Gifts to Bring out Their Best Attributes

They love cuddles. 

Try giving them something to cuddle at, like our Jellycat Dashing Dog. He is as soft and creamy as an ice-cream sundae and has exceptionally cuddly squishy paws.  

Cancers are associated with the Moon. 

If it's a Cancer woman on your list, remember that her ruling planet is the changeable moon and a Moonglow Necklace will be extra special to her as it features a moon charm showing the phase of the moon on her exact birthdate.  

They have fun sharing their home.

Cancers love to be hosts. Bring them something extra special for their home that compliments them as a host. The Peace of Mind Tea would make a thoughtful small gift for a Cancer sun sign. Or help them adorn their home with Selenite. Selenite is named after the Greek goddess of the moon, Selene. This powerful stone is great for stabilizing and balancing the emotional body plus it helps remove all energy blockages in the body. Encourage your special Cancer to decorate their sacred space with a Selenite Tower.  They make a beautiful gift. 

Cancers exude water energy.

A water sign, Cancer's color is silvery blue and green, like the ocean, so an Aquamarine Bracelet would be perfect. Aquamarine helps to balance the emotions and connect Cancer sun signs to their subconscious.

They enjoy cooking & sharing their love through food.

And Cancer rules over the stomach. They love to eat, and may experience weight gain or digestive issues. The Food Matters Cookbook can teach them how to be true to their nature and good to their bodies at the same time.

Above all, nourish, feed, love, and listen to them. Cancers eat up emotional support.

Pamper your favorite Cancer with a thoughtful gift for their solar return, and they'll happily share their loving & intuitive energy with you!

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July 05, 2022