The moon is on her way to being full this Thursday January 25 in the fiery sign of Leo at 11:54 am CST. Full moons occur every month when the sun and moon are in opposite signs at the exact same degree. For this particular full moon the sun will be at 5 degrees Aquarius while the moon will be in the opposite sign of Leo at 5 degrees. Full moons can bring situations to completion and they can cast light on what was previously hidden in our lives. Since the moon rules our emotions in astrology we can feel especially sensitive and moody at this time of the month and because we’re dealing with a sun/moon opposition we can feel as though we’re being pulled in two different directions.

Keywords and the Full Moon in Leo: enthusiastic, proud, vibrant, extravagant, playfulness, royalty, stardom, celebrity, drama, theater, expressive, creativity, passion, exaggeration and ferocity. As you look over the keywords pay attention to the ones that catch your attention. Do any of these keywords describe your life and circumstances right now?

Elements and the Full Moon in Leo: One of the ways to divide the signs in groups is by element. Each sign will belong to one of the four elements; fire, earth, air or water. Leo belongs to the fire trigon meaning this is a sign associated with enthusiasm, passion, boldness, excitement and courage. There is a restless nature to the fire signs along with a flair for the dramatic and the theatrical. Being dramatic can have a bad rap but sometimes we need a little theater and drama to get things moving in our lives. If we’ve been stuck in a rut the energy of the fire signs can give us the boost we need to shake things up.

Pop star Madonna is the ultimate Leo; her song Express Yourself is a perfect expression of Leo energy. Besides being a fire sign Leo is also a fixed sign meaning this is a sign that has staying power. This week you may be called on to stand in your power and express yourself. Leo loves the spotlight. So if you’re someone who typically shies away from the lights, camera and action, this full moon in Leo can be a reminder that it’s okay to take center stage every now and again.

As mentioned earlier Leo is a fire sign so passion is an important keyword linked to this sign. Instead of repressing or moving away from your passions, a full moon in Leo gives you permission to move toward and embrace your passions. The same can be said about another keyword linked to Leo; creativity. If you’ve put your creativity on hold the full moon in Leo can provide just the spark you need to get those creative juices flowing again. Allow you passions and creativity lead the way.

Crystals and Stones and the Full Moon in Leo: Here are some crystals and stones you can carry with you or work with during the full moon in Leo.

Leo rules the heart so an ideal stone for this full moon would be Rose Quartz. Rose Quartz is the stone connected to the heart and romance. If you need to heal your heart from a previous relationship breakup or want to attract romance into your life Rose Quartz is your crystal.

Rhodochrosite is another stone linked to the heart. Rhodochrosite is a high vibe crystal that aids in opening the heart chakra. If you’ve been down on yourself Rhodochrosite is a great stone for helping you reconnect with self-love and self-forgiveness. Rhodochrosite is also good for revitalizing our passion for life.

Since Leo is ruled by the sun, sunstone would be an obvious choice of stone. Sunstone is the perfect stone to use if you’ve been suffering from low self-worth or have lost your passion and enthusiasm for life.


January 22, 2024