Cancers are born between June 21 and July 22 and have the moon as their ruling planet and water as their dominant element. Those with a Sun sign in Cancer are said to be deeply intuitive, sensitive, cautious, emotionally attuned, and very loyal. Just like the other water signs, Scorpio and Pisces, the Moonchild is one of the heart.

Tender Cancers have a soft heart and a sensitive soul.  This watery sign is often aware of the emotional undercurrents of any situation or person, including themselves. If you want to woo this Moon-ruled sign on their birthday, show them you care.

And, wow, do they love their home! There’s nothing better for them than settling in and nesting in their own little world, preferably with the subject of their affection.

Jellycat Crispin Crab

They adore cuddles and the intimacy that comes with it. You can always count on a good hug from a Cancer. Try giving them something to cuddle with like our Jellycat Dashing Dog. He is as soft and creamy as an ice-cream sundae and has exceptionally cuddly squishy paws. Also appropriate for Cancer is their namesake orange crustacean, Jellycat’s Crispin Crab.

Moonstone Faceted Stretch Bracelet

A Cancer is often referred to as a Moonchild due to their association with the Moon. Their birthstone is – as you might guess – the Moonstone, which is related to new beginnings and intuition. Wear that fresh start with one of our faceted stretch bracelets.

Moonglow Moon Phase Moonstone Bracelet

If it's a Cancer woman on your list, remember that her ruling planet is the changeable moon and a Moonglow Moon Phase Moonstone Bracelet will be extra special to her as it features a moon charm showing the phase of the moon on her exact birthdate. The moonstone bead is a stone of new beginnings, for it takes its wearer through the phases of life. Here, Moonstone beads circle the wrist paired with our awe-inspiring lunar charm that lights in darkness like the moon itself, calling to mind a memory that’s held in the wearer's heart. This moonstone bracelet serves as an inspiration for what awaits your Cancerian on their journey into the night sky.

Peace of Mind Tea

Cancers love to be hosts and enjoy sharing their home. Bring them something extra special for their home that compliments them as a host. The Peace of Mind Tea would make a thoughtful small gift for a Cancer sun sign. Hawthorn flowers brightened with lemon balm and mint offer an aromatic peace. This caffeine-free herbal tea blend is 100% grown and gathered in the Pacific Northwest. Flying Bird Botanicals are driven by their love of plants, herbalism and enjoying a delicious cup.  Their teas are always made with only organically farmed and ethically wildcrafted herbs looking first to their local community for sourcing.

Selenite Stone Tower

Or help them adorn their home with Selenite. Selenite is named after the Greek goddess of the moon, Selene. This powerful stone is great for stabilizing and balancing the emotional body plus it helps remove all energy blockages in the body. Selenite is also excellent for clearing and cleansing jewelry and environment. As such, it is often paired with Black Tourmaline to strengthen and protect a home or workspace. Encourage your special Cancer to decorate their sacred space with a Selenite Tower.  They make a beautiful gift.

Beyond Lemuria Oracle Deck

Among the water-oriented decks on our shelves is the Beyond Lemuria Oracle Deck. Meet the Lemurians, connect with their energy and work with them to reclaim wholeness and step into your light. This stunning deck from artist and author Izzy Ivy is infused with loving guidance, knowledge and encoded symbols to enliven the truth. The soft blues and watery flow of the art will please any Cancerian. 

Aquamarine Bracelet

Cancers exude water energy. As a water sign, Cancer's color is silvery blue and green, like the ocean, so an Aquamarine Bracelet would be perfect. Aquamarine helps to balance the emotions and connect Cancer sun signs to their subconscious.

Eat Feel Fresh

They enjoy cooking and sharing their love through food. We have a variety of cookbooks that can teach a hungry Cancerian how to be true to their nature and good to their bodies at the same time. Among these is Eat Feel Fresh , a plant-based Ayurveda cookbook. This beautifully illustrated cookbook gives a detailed look at how to eat according to your body’s specific needs, and will help you connect with your inner self. Other recommended cookbooks include A Year at Catbird Cottage.

Cancer Astrology Bar Soap

A favorite for is the Whiskey River Astrology Bar Soap series. The Cancer Zodiac bar soap smells like buried emotions (Ha. Ha. We love the packaging.) Here’s a way to get your Cancerian all squeaky clean for a night of cuddling.

Above all, nourish, feed, love, and listen to them. Cancers eat up emotional support. Pamper your favorite Cancer with a thoughtful gift for their solar return, and they'll happily share their loving and intuitive energy with you!

Need more Cancer gift ideas? Whether your loved one is into luxury items or down-to-earth experiences, we’ve got something for them. Be sure to check out our Cancer gift guide and find the perfect present today.
June 24, 2023 — Denise Welling