Amazing gift ideas for independent Aquarius 

Aquarius season is here and lasts from January 20 to February 18, 2023.

The Aquarius sun sign is ruled by Uranus and by nature they are assertive and independent. Yet they are very friendly and are likely to have a wide variety of friends.

Find out what their current passion is. This air sign is likely to have one special interest, hobby, or non-profit that they are excited about. A gift that will link to their passions will be especially appreciated.

Being a fixed sign, Aquarius is usually pretty stubborn. Even so, they are magnetic and lovable. They can be a bit detached, but even more so they want to give everyone a break. Their motto is “Live and Let Live.” In ancient times, the wavy lines of their symbol stood for the water that the water-bearer pours from their jug to serve humanity.

Their magical stone is amethyst which is great for protection and helps the Aquarius sun signs connect to their crown chakra and inner wisdom. Aquarians naturally want to change the world for better and Amethyst finds ways to put their vision into reality

Another good crystal for Aquarius is Aquamarine. Aquamarine promotes spiritual wisdom and service, aligning this air sign’s purpose to their experience. Its gentle, calming energy also helps to reduce the stress that Aquarians can feel when they are overwhelmed.

Since this air sign is a bit unconventional, their favorite scents tend to be a little different, something unusual. Pine scents will help ground them and patchouli will appeal to eccentric Aquarius. Any candles or essential oils with these aromas will please this sun sign

Friends and family mean the world to Aquarians and they will truly appreciate that you remember their birthday. Even if they react to birthday festivities with a somewhat detached and mild manner, know that this air sign is secretly touched.

When thinking of a present for an Aquarian, know that they are forward thinking, maybe even a little quirky. Here are some thoughtful gift ideas that they will love:


Amethyst GeodeAmethyst Standing Geode

Surprise this humanitarian sun sign with their special power stone. The relaxing and protective energy of this crystal will be a welcome addition in their bedroom when they need to wind down.

Happiness Crown Chakra Candle

Happiness Crown Chakra Candle
The Crown (Sahasrara) Chakra is associated with Divine Energy and Self Realization. This candle is scented with a strong patchouli base and is designed to connect with the Crown Chakra. Any aquarian will love this spiritual candle.

Evergreen Aromatherapy SprayEvergreen Aromatherapy Spray
This aromatherapy spray will ground this air sign and help connect them to the earth. They tend to be too much in their head and could use a little help getting grounded. This aromatic blend is balsamic, green, invigorating, pine-like, sweet, and woody.


The Only Astrology Book You Will Ever NeedAstrology Books
Aquarius is progressive and not afraid to push limits. They'll love getting a good astrology primer. An excellent choice is The Only Astrology Book You Will Ever Need, which is filled cover-to-cover with pertinent information on the nature of the Zodiac.


Smudge PackSacred Sage Smudge Pack
When an Aquarius’ need for free thinking and new ideas gets their feet too far off the ground, bring them back with a smudge pack. This great starter set includes a large abalone shell, one 4” desert sage smudge wand, a feather, and a copy of Sacred Sage: How It Heals.
Cosmic Journal
Cosmic Journal and other writing Tools
Aquarians need to get all those heavy thoughts and ideas out of their head and onto paper. That's where journaling comes in. While we have a wide variety of journals and datebooks, this particular cosmic journal is just an Aquarian's style.
Moon Phase GarlandMoonstone and Moon Phase Garland
Home décor makes a big difference. Help this air sign accent their wall or window with this beautiful brass moonstone and moon phase garland. This product is made by Scout Curated Wears, a woman-owned, fashion company that gives 10% of net profits to organizations that help support and promote women.
Rainbow Aura Quartz Pendant
Rainbow Aura Quartz Pendant
Give your Aquarius bestie a boost of positive energy with this Rainbow Aura Quartz Pendant. Aura Crystals are quartz bonded with precious heavy metals via vaporization in a vacuum chamber. The result is an enhanced quartz point that combines the energy of clear quartz with the properties of the metal used.
Cosmic Cradle BookCosmic Cradle
The book Cosmic Cradle explores your soul’s journey into your mother’s womb–where your soul comes from, the origin and purpose of your life. Authors Elizabeth and Neil Carman raise the many questions about pre-birth experiences (PBE) and what it means to us. A mind opening read for this intellectual air sign.
Starcodes Astro Oracle

Starcodes Astro Oracle taps into the energy of ancient astrological archetypes with superb illustrations by Australian artist Lucas Lua De Souza. Author Heather Roan Robbins delves into the ancient astrological archetypes and the influential relationships between celestial bodies as they move through the sky and life. Uranus rules astrology so this deck is a perfect fit for this sun sign.

Aquamarine Ring
Aquamarine Ring
Give them an aquamarine ring to wear when overwhelm sets in for this overly intellectual sun sign.
Aquarius Bar Soap
Aquarius Bar Soap
Good, clean humor will make your quirky Aquarius laugh with the “Do-Gooder” astrology glycerin soap. All of these astrology soaps are handmade so no two bars are identical.
Astrology Aquarius CandleAstrology Aquarius Candle
A perfect companion match to our astrology bar soap, light up the night with this 100% soy wax Astrology Aquarius candle. As one Aquarian said, “Aquarians have the most friends.” This hand-poured candle comes in a glass container and has a burn time of approximately 40 hours.
Need more gift ideas for your Aquarian? Be sure to check out more gift ideas in our Aquarius Gift Guide and find the perfect present today!
January 23, 2023