Aries sun signs are born between March 21 and April 19. They are a fire sign and their ruling planet is Mars. Those under this sign are brave, impulsive, and sometimes impatient – Ah, but they can be a lot of fun. Arians have a tendency to act first and think later. Yet this fire sign can teach us to say yes to life and all of its adventures.

These fiery rams are passionate leaders and bold personalities. They love bright colors, especially red and lots of dramatic patterns. No boring beige for them. Aries is probably the most energetic of all the zodiac signs. Give them a gift that will help them conquer the world. 

The best crystals for Aries will enhance their go-getter personality while also grounding them, keeping them focused and calm. 

Aventurine will help Aries in harnessing their leadership skills and develop perseverance. Aventurine gently diffuses strong emotions and wearing this stone maximizes this Fire signs potential for strong leadership and deceive action. 

Adding iron pyrite (a stone related to Aries ruler, Mars) to your Aries crystal mix adds tenacity to tasks and actions that Aries is trying to accomplish. Fire Agate adds a cloak of protection to this headstrong sun sign, replenishes your vitality and most importantly, gives Aries a strong calm center. 

As for scents, gift your Aries candles and body care scented with frankincense. This fragrance is believed to bring patience and strength while calming and soothing the mind. Frankincense prevents tendencies towards short-tempered actions which this fire sign can be prone to.

Weirdly, many Aries sun signs love glass. For home decor, something shiny and reflective will work. A beautiful quartz crystal or faceted glass candle holder is perfect and will complement their aesthetic.

They also appreciate something made just for them. Maybe an initial or a monogram on a present. Or their sun sign soap, candle or pencils. Anything specific to them makes an Aries feel important.

A few things to think about when gifting your energetic Aries. Keep in mind that they like being first, and if you really want to impress them, buy only new goods. No used gifts or retro presents here.

For an extra touch, wrap your gift in shiny paper to really catch their eye. And if you really want to drive an Aries crazy, put a "Do Not Open” label on their present.

You know that your special Aries can be fun, exciting, and always on the go. Yet, what would be the best gift for this fiery friend or loved one? What would make a thoughtful present and touch their heart? Here are some gift ideas for your beautiful, bold, and fiery Aries friends. 

Remember, Aries’ element is fire, so a cozy smelling candle is totally appropriate. A Burning Woods candle by Voluspa with notes of smokey cedar, warm Embers and Himalayan juniper will remind action-oriented Aries of the great outdoors.
Evil Eye Studs
Evil Eye Studs
Aries' magical birthstones are Diamond and White Topaz, making these evil eye pave diamond stud earrings a lucky and protective gift. 
Aries Astrology Bar SoapAries Astrology Bar Soap

This Aries Astrology bar soap will help your fiery friend wash up clean during their “me-time.”

Manifestation Manifesto
The Manifestation Manifesto by Brendon Burchard will appeal to Aries' own excitable, badass attitude. This best-selling book will help this active zodiac sign step into their own personal power. and avoid distractions until full victory is won.

Aries rules the head and as such they can be prone to headaches. Nurture them with a Tiger Eye Cotton Eye Pillow filled with soothing lavender, organic wheat berry, and tiger's eye stones. Dream big and cultivate power in your savasana.

Universe Journal Universe Journal

Help them slow down, put their dreams onto paper and manifest them into reality with the Universe writing journal. The gold foil accents and The Universe theme will appeal to this Mars ruled sun sign.

The vibrancy of the Dragon Oracle card deck will appeal to fiery Aires. According to Diana Cooper, author of this deck, dragons are beautiful, wise, open-hearted etheric beings of the angelic realms who are sent here by Source to help and assist us. Aries sun signs can use this deck to support their spiritual growth.

Pyrite Stone Wrap BraceletPyrite Stone Wrap Bracelet
Tap into the energies of the earth with this Pyrite stone wrap bracelet and empower the wearer to overcome anything. It can be wrapped 4–5 times as a bracelet and 1–2 times as a necklace.
Green aventurine is known for the good fortune and healing it brings to those who use or wear it. This Aventurine and Lavastone stretch bead bracelet is a great gift for any Aries starting a new venture or business.
Frankincense Aromatherapy Essential OilFrankincense Aromatherapy Essential Oil
Get extra bonus points by adding Frankincense essential oil to scent the lava stones in the above Aventurine bracelet. The lava stone will absorb the essential oil and the scent of Frankincense will calm Aries’ fiery nature which helps them to focus on their goals.
Aries nail polish is made with micronized red jasper for extra crystal energy. Made for the passionate, brave, and independent Ram, your Arian won’t be able to resist this flashy red color.
Need more gift ideas for your Arian? Be sure to check out our Aries Gift Guide and find the perfect present today!


Photo courtesy Dorothe from Pixabay

March 26, 2023