The moon is on her way to being full this Wednesday April 5 in the airy sign of Libra at 11:34 pm CST. Full moons occur every month when the sun and moon are in opposite signs at the exact same degree. For this lunation the sun will be at 16 degrees Libra so the moon will be in the opposite sign of Libra at 16 degrees. Full moons create a sense of tension and instability. Our goal during a full moon is to find a sense of balance. Full moons can bring situations to completion and they can cast light on what was previously hidden in our lives.

Keywords associated with a Full Moon in Libra: harmony, charm, idealism, indecision, civility, class, discernment, glamour, art, design, relationships, union, partnerships, marriage, contracts, agreements, compromise, diplomacy, balance, attraction. Look over the keywords and pay attention to the words that catch your attention. Which words describe your life right now?

 Full Moon in Libra and the 7th House: Every zodiac sign is associated with one of the twelve astrological houses. Libra is the natural ruler of the 7th House. This is the sector of the astrological wheel that rules marriage, partnerships, contracts and unions. Needless to say, relationships are a focal point during a Libra full moon. Some of us may meet someone during this lunation while others may decide to make a deeper commitment like marriage or cohabitating. Because full moons can bring situations to completion some of us may decide to end a partnership. Jupiter the planet of good fortune and expansion will be making an opposing aspect to this full moon. With Jupiter in the mix, we can feel generous and benevolent toward others. While we may be in the mood to be giving and generous, we also need to open ourselves to receive generosity from others. If you’re someone who is always giving try receiving for a change during this lunation.

Tarot and the Full Moon in Libra: Every astrological sign is associated with a tarot card and Libra is linked with the Justice card. In the Thoth tarot this card is renamed Adjustment. Regardless of the name we can look to this card to help amplify the meaning of a full moon in Libra. The basic, traditional meaning of this card is the law, justice and courts. During a full moon in Libra a legal matter you’re involved in could be settled or decided if that applies to your situation. Most Justice/Adjustment cards depict a set of scales meaning balance and diplomacy may be important to us during this lunation. This can mean a sense of balance is restored in your life after a chaotic period. Swords also figure prominently in depictions of this card meaning we need to cut through the bs and get brutally honest with ourselves.

Venus and the Full Moon in Libra: Each zodiac sign has a planetary ruler and for Libra that planet is Venus. In Roman mythology Venus was known as the goddess of love and romance. So again, we see relationships and love being a central theme with this full moon. Other keywords associated with Venus are beauty, artistic expression, refinement, aesthetics, fashion and harmony. This would be a great full moon to reconnect with your creativity. Even if you don’t consider yourself creative doing something artistic or creative during a full moon in Libra could be therapeutic and healing. Venus is currently in the sign of Taurus. Venus is the natural ruler of Taurus so she feels right at home in the sign of the Bull. Both Venus and Taurus love beauty and aesthetics so this would be the perfect time to beautify your home or work space.

Crystals and the Full Moon in Libra: If you’re into crystals like we are at the store, consider working with these during a Full Moon in Libra.

Emerald: This stone is linked to Libra’s planetary ruler Venus. Emerald is life-affirming and helps us enjoy life to the fullest.

Sapphire: This stone is linked to the zodiac sign of Libra and imbues our life with joy and lightness.

Lapis Lazuli: Libra is a sign that loathes confrontation but if we need to resolve a conflict Lapis Lazuli helps us speak our truths.

Rose Quartz: This is the love stone so if we’re looking for love Rose Quartz is the go-to stone to attract love and romance.

Celestite: If you’ve recently broken up with someone Celestite is a great healing stone for this matter. Celestite is linked to peace, harmony, serenity and openness to new experiences.


Photo courtesy luigi from Pixabay

April 04, 2023