Who is Doyle Ward?

I am many things. I am a son, brother, spouse, friend, baker, life coach, evidential medium, motivational hypnotist, workshop leader and teacher. Like many of you, I have several roles and skill sets. Being a working medium is one of the things that I do. 

Clients and students sometimes ask if I’ve always been able to communicate with spirit. My answer is that I believe that I was capable but wasn’t consciously aware of it. I started coming to the full realization that I could sense people on the spirit side when I was a youngster recovering from a difficult surgery. When I realized that I had an innate skill in mediumship I began a lifelong journey trying to make something meaningful and helpful out of this “thing that I could do,” To hone my skills, I sought out teachers both here and abroad to help and guide me on this path. 

Each week, I use my skills to help bring peace and comfort to those who have lost loved one. It often helps those left behind to have questions answered and find closure when needed. I also believe that it can be a wonderful revelation to see that life is continuous and that our loved ones are still with us.

You Can be a Medium Too

The truth is that people really don’t always need someone like me to communicate with their friends and family in Spirit. That communication is made possible through the love and emotional connection they still have with their loved ones. We can all learn to recognize the different ways that communication can happen. These skills can be developed if one chooses to. Some people may have natural abilities in mediumship and others may be excellent at something else, like clairvoyance, remote viewing, or prophecy. I often relate it to drawing or painting in that we can all probably sketch a decent stick figure but not all of us will become a master portrait artist. It’s exciting to be a part of helping people discover new abilities to see what they are great at!

I started teaching classes and workshops on mediumship and the various intuitive skills over ten years ago. Since then, I’ve helped to empower people to gain access to their own natural intuitive skills. I believe that all of us are born with intuitive skills, including the ability to communicate on some level with those in spirit. Some of those in my development groups have been with me for over 10 years! I really enjoy watching the members develop and seeing the satisfaction when they realize they are expanding their abilities and sometimes adding new ones!  I also teach workshops that may last from a couple of hours to a day or more, generally focused on a specific technique or ability.  In my work as a life coach, I often use the work of Louise Hay, using affirmations and positive thinking. I find that practicing positive thinking helps make everything better. I loved her work so much that I became a certified “Heal Your Life” Workshop Leader so I could teach and share this powerful work.

I love helping people and being able to help connect them with those who have passed on is an amazing feeling. Seeing the smiles, the healing is my favorite part of a reading. It is an honor and a privilege to help deliver the messages of spirit and be a small part of the healing process. I am in awe of the healing benefits of mediumship. I like to share with people that we are spirit first and that we are more than our physical bodies—life is continuous.


Doyle is a naturally gifted Intuitive Medium, Licensed Heal Your Life® Coach, and Certified Grief Recovery® Specialist, and the host of the popular podcast: Blissful Quests with Doyle Ward on InflowRadio.com. He has extensive mediumship training and has worked both as a teacher and medium throughout the United States.

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March 23, 2022 — Denise Welling