The moon is on her way to being new this Friday April 1 in the fiery sign of Aries at 1:24 am CST.  New moons are about new beginnings.  This is the perfect time to set new intentions or make wishes.  New moons occur every month when the sun and moon are in the same sign at the exact same degree.  For this particular lunation the sun and moon are at 11 degrees Aries; this is known as a conjunction in astrology.  

Zodiac Facts:  New Moon in Aries

Every astrological sign belongs to one of the four elements; fire, earth, air or water and Aries belongs to the fire element.  Being a fire sign means the Ram possesses passion, enthusiasm and courage.  So, on the most simplistic level, the new moon in Aries may be telling us to get busy; stop waiting around, take a chance, get into action.  When we embrace the fire element we invite excitement and challenge into our lives; if however we default to the shadow side of the fire element we create cheap, messy B-grade drama which gets us nowhere.  Where do you need some excitement in your life?  What are you passionate about?  Also, if you’ve had a recent setback or loss in your life the fire element of this new moon encourages us to get up and dust ourselves off.

Each zodiac sign belongs to a modality and there are three modalities in astrology; cardinal, fixed and mutable.  The modality of a sign tells us about the attitude and nature of that sign.  Aries belongs to the cardinal modality meaning this is a sign that initiates and starts things.  The cardinal signs are the doers of the zodiac.  If you’ve been sitting around and pondering your life; the new moon in Aries says stop thinking and being and start doing.  Aries energy isn’t people-pleasing energy so taking action on our behalf may mean we risk the disapproval of others.  

Ruling Planet: Mars

Every astrological sign is ruled by a planet and for Aries that planetary ruler is Mars, the Roman god of war. In astrology, Mars represents the masculine, active principle.  Keywords associated with Mars are aggression, action, assertiveness, sex, courage, passion, war and ambition.  If we didn’t have Mars in the astrological line-up we wouldn’t be able to accomplish anything.  If we ignore or banish our Mars we have no personal power.  Because Mars is associated with anger it automatically gets linked to violence. While anger can lead to violence it can just as easily give us the energy necessary to make changes in our lives.  Mars energy can help us break down the old and build the new.  Mars also rules sharp objects like knives and doctor’s scalpels so a good question during this time would be; what do I need to cut out of my life?   

In the Houses

Just like there are 12 astrological signs there are 12 astrological houses.  Each sign is linked to one of the houses and for Aries that is the 1st House.  This part of our chart contains our Ascendant or Rising Sign.  The 1st House is how we project ourselves out into the world and it’s how the world sees us; some astrologers call this part of our chart our social mask.  Our physical presence is modified by the sign on the 1st House cusp and any planets located within the 1st House.  With this in mind the new moon in Aries can be a time when we decide to change something about our physical presence whether that be getting a new hair cut or buying some new clothes for ourselves.  You may feel it’s time to dismantle and old image of yourself and build a new you.  Sometimes we’ve become overly identified with our social mask and now it’s time to surrender and let your true self shine through.  Am I willing to stand in my integrity?  

Mercury and the New Moon in Aries

Mercury, the planet of communication and the Roman messenger to the gods, will be conjunct this new moon.  Since the moon is about our feelings and Mercury is associated with communication this would be the time to express our feelings.  Mercury wants to use reason and logic but the moon loves feelings and emotions so we can’t just use reason during this new moon we have to integrate our feelings into our communication. 

Mercury will also conjunct the sun.  With a Mercury/Sun conjunction, especially in the sign of Aries, we will find ourselves thinking with more clarity.  The Aries energy will also give you the ability to stand up for your beliefs and opinions.  Because Mercury has a restless energy about it you could make plans to travel; Mercury is also the ruler of short journeys.  This could be especially true since we’ve endured a lockdown and limited mobility the last two years. 


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