Topaz and Fire Energy

Topaz is in a class of its own. For example, while stones like Amethyst, Citrine, and Tiger Eye are in the Quartz family, Topaz is its own mineral class of Topaz. This fiery and joyful stone is a silicate mineral that has a Mohs Hardness of 8. Only Diamond, Corundum, and Chrysoberyl are the known minerals that are harder that Topaz. It’s one tough cookie. 

Topaz is associated with the element of Fire and the sign of Sagittarius.

There is a bit of debate as to how this stone received its name, but the meanings of note are

  • Sanskrit:  word “topas” or “tapaz” which means “fire” or “heat”
  • Latin: topazus, meaning “to seek”
  • Greek: topazos, meaning “obscure origin”

These meanings can lend us insight into the properties and energy of this stone. Many ancient cultures associated Topaz with the power of the Sun and its corresponding deities. The Greeks and Romans believed that it would increase strength and prevent injury when worn on the battlefield. 

When You Need a “Pick Me Up”

Have you ever had those days when even your coffee and morning routine seem to fail you? Have you ever reached that point of emotional exhaustion that you would rather hovel under the covers forever rather than face the daylight? We’ve all been there. 

It’s at a time like these that Topaz is in your corner. When you feel low on energy and sluggish, for whatever reason. Topaz is there to help give you a boost. It won’t necessarily turn you into Mary Sunshine throwing flowers and glitter everywhere, but it will lend you its warmth. Like hot ginger tea, the energy of Topaz has a zing to it, bringing a gentle heat to the body that is stimulating and soothing. It’s the kind that allows one to “pull yourself up by your bootstraps” and carry on.

Today is a Gift /The Present Moment

There is a saying: “Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift. That’s why it’s called the present”

If you should find yourself using Topaz for a boost, it will also shed light on the present moment, that will assist in finding the joy and the blessings we do have. When you experience this presence, take a moment to give thanks. This will allow you to let the energy of Topaz in and do its work. Topaz is also known to bring about good fortune. Whether the fortune is inward or outward, it guides us to share what we have with others, be it knowledge, action, strength, material, etc. That does not necessarily mean that you give everything away and leave yourself without. Topaz helps us to see that when there is enough to go around, all involved, even the giver, will be taken care of.  

Truth & “Seeing in the Dark” 

Like the Owl, who can see in the dark, Topaz can assist us with seeing the truth. In medieval times, it was said that Topaz would change color in the presence of danger. Whether it is the truth of our own feelings or seeing beyond the mask of a person who would harm us, it can shine the light of the Sun and illuminate what is really there, making that scary monster in the corner turn out to be nothing but a broom and a stool. It can also help hone our instincts. When we experience things like travel into the unknown or our judgment is clouded or the path seems dark and scary, Topaz helps give us courage to face our fears, to speak our truth, and vocalize our boundaries

Make a Wish, Then Make it Happen.

Topaz has often been called a “wish” stone and has been considered lucky to have around. In truth, it assists with manifesting our “wishes” or intentions into reality. Wishing can only take a person so far, there are things one must do on their own to help that wish come true. 

Topaz allows us to look at the whole picture. The broad strokes and the detail strokes without getting caught up in either aspect too much. With such a clear picture, we can see what is possible, rather than what is impossible. It helps us find the courage to acknowledge the truth of what we really want in our lives, and then assists us with its fire, bolstering our motivation and tenacity, actualizing our goal.

Topaz can assist in strengthening trust and faith in the Universe, reminding us that we are not alone. It can clear away doubt and negativity, two things that are detrimental to any goal or intention. When we tap into the power of Topaz, we can really dig deep and find the confidence, motivation, and courage to bring our dreams into the light of day. 

Working with Topaz

Of course, the easiest way to work with Topaz, is simply to wear it. Topaz is available in many forms of rings, earrings, necklaces, or bracelets. You can also carry a stone in your pocket, purse, or wallet. When you have a big and important meeting coming up and you need some charisma and charm, put it near your stomach before going in. Imagine the warm light of fire building up your courage.

Keep it near your bed or under your pillow if you are experiencing nervousness due to fears at night and are having trouble falling asleep. You can hold the stone in your hand and say out loud what worries or scares you. Take long, slow, and controlled breaths that go all the way down to the base of your spine and exhale just as slowly. As you do this, imagine that you are surrounded by gentle, warming energy with a soft golden light. This energetic night light holds no judgement and allows you to experience the present moment. Allow it to clear your mind, knowing that whatever fears and worries are there, they can wait until tomorrow. In this present moment, you are safe and loved, and allowed to fall asleep. (Please keep in mind that this is a mental exercise and is in no way meant to be a substitution for professional psychological or medical help).

Do you ever make wishes at 11:11? Keep Topaz with you for some extra zing and umph to your wishes. Dance with it in your hand to your favorite song, sing with it and bring in the happy energy. Bring it outside and hold it while you feel the warm sunshine on your face. 


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April 04, 2022 — Denise Welling