Rhyolite for deep meditation, past life healing

$ 1.00

Rhyolite, a.k.a. Rainforest Jasper, is a benevolent stone of peace and healing. This restorative jasper brightens the mood, heals the body, and opens the heart. A great choice for children, pets, and nature lovers, rhyolite encourages entering a state of harmony with all things and promotes gentleness and compassion. A great crystal for working through past life issues and transcending old karma.

This listing is for 1 piece of rhyolite, approximately 1/4" to 3/2" diameter.

Chakra: 4th, Heart Chakra

Astrological Sign: Sagittarius

We intuitively choose your stone(s) for you with care. Please note, this is a natural specimen and size, color, shape, and texture may vary.

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