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Our talented readers and practitioners offer a wide variety of energetic healing offerings and personal spiritual readings.

Our Readers

Leslie Slade

Leslie Slade offers Soul Alignment Readings and Soul Saturation Energy Sessions in-person at our storefront.

Leslie is an intuitive psychic & medium, energy worker, and hypnotist.  She is a spiritual explorer eager to guide others on their own energetic journeys and be of assistance in awakening others to their soul’s mission.

Her spiritual journey began in earnest in 2014, as she turned to spirit to navigate numerous life changes, depression, and her own awakening psychic sensitivities.  Her interests and formal training span numerous modalities, including tarot, astrology, Reiki, guide & ancestor work, mediumship, hypnosis, and past life reading.  

Leslie has received instruction from many talented psychics & mediums.  She is currently a mentee of international psychic medium Tony Stockwell and has received training through the Spiritualists’ National Union and Arthur Findlay College.  Her “Soul Alignment Readings” are a form of soul-to-soul reading that include psychic work, but also can include mediumistic contact with loved ones, contact with guides or ancestors, or an exploration of past lives. Ultimately she will receive whatever information your soul would like to share with you at this time.

She received her hypnosis training from author Shauna Cummins' "Divine Feminine School of Hypnosis", and is an Advanced Reiki, 13th Octave LaHoChi, and Earth Evolution Reiki attuned energy practitioner.  Her “Soul Saturation Energy Sessions” blend these modalities with trance healing in order to provide a deeply felt energy session for her clients.

Through all of her offerings, Leslie actively works to bring each of her clients into fuller soul alignment.  Her work is intentionally anti-racist, de-colonial, class conscious, ecocentric, and radically inclusive.  She believes we are all representatives of the divine and equally deserving of love and healing.  She looks forward to helping you align to your highest good for this life, and all the ones after.

Connect with Leslie
Instagram: @lesliess
Website: https://leslieslade.com/

Leslie's Offerings

Soul Alignment Reading

These soul-to-soul readings are meant to realign you to your soul path.  We’ll connect to your higher self and spirit team to see what comes through for your highest good right now, be it psychic, mediumistic, or past life information.

Book a 30 min or 60 min in-person reading!

Soul Saturation Energy Session

Featuring a blend of energy healing methods, these experiences can induce energetic shifts to realign your life to your soul path.  These sessions include light touch over different energy centers of the body in the form of a non-invasive energetic massage as guided by spirit.  We’ll work alongside your spirit team to bring your body & soul into alignment.

Book a 30 min or 60 min in-person session!

What is a Psychic Mediumship Reading?

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What is Reiki?

Curious about getting Reiki, but not sure what the entails? Read our Reiki FAQ for more information on this style of reading.

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