Ayurvedic Chakra Incense


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This chakra incense is blended and rolled according to the ancient Ayurvedic tradition. 

Root Chakra Incense: Mysore Sandalwood, for grounding and removes tension and depression; Vetiver roots and essential oil, a deeply grounding, earthy fragrance that nurtures our spirit; Cedar wood, a balancing and stabilizing energy strengthens the spirit and dispels negative energy; and Ginger increases vitality, activates willpower and enables us to take intiative with determination, which leads to achievement of life's goals.

Sacral Chakra Incense: Ylang-Ylang Floral scent that soothes, balances and instills confidence while reducing negative emotions and anger; Patchouli with its deep, earthy fragrance that is both grounding and sensual; Rose Geranium, relaxing and calming, it nourishes creativity and joyfulness that promotes harmony and happiness; Palamarosa, with its cooling energy is soothing, calming, removes tension and restlessness; Lemon, uplifting, fresh, inspiring, clears emotional confusion; Neroli, instills confidence and strenghthens the mind, removes blockages and allows us to be present in the moment.

Solar Plexus Chakra Incense: Davana flowers are the traditional offering to the god Shiva and are balancing and soothing; Fennel, Its cooking energy soothes the fire element of the solar plexus, promoting confidence and courage; Sandalwood promotes self esteem, calms and comforts; Geranium, relaxing and uplifting, nourishes creativity and harmony in relationships; Champa Flower, with its exotic, deep floral scent guides us to develop our intuition and helps us to stay grounded; Jasmine brings balance, hope and confidence; Lavender clears and balances and soothes the overheated, fiery ego.This chakra incense is blended and rolled according to the ancient Ayurvedic tradition. 

Heart Chakra Incense: Palmarosa, removes tension and restlessness, opens the mind to change, and comforts the heart; Saffron is balancing, uplifting; Rose Petals, the universal symbol of love and compassion, opens the heart to experience love, and to extend forgiveness and love to others. Rose also creates a protective energy field that shields from negativity and attracts compassion, hope, joy and patience; Bergamont, with its aromatic citrus scent, lifts the spirit, conveys the experience of joy and soothes and lightens the burden of a grieving, wounded heart.

Throat Chakra Incense: Mysore Sandalwood, which on the energetic level of the Throat Chakra, acts as a protector and spiritual guide. It promotes confidence to express ourselves and guides our intution by keepingus close to our divine spirit; Bergamont, with its aromatic citrus scent Bergamot lifts the spirit, conveys the experience of joy and courage, and is generally balancing; Lavender clears and balances, calms and strengthens. The energy of Lavender awakens us and makes us more attentive to our spiritual path.

Third Eye Chakra Incense: Basil, supports clarity of mind, assists faith and devotion; Camphor awakens perception, clarfying; Jasmine enhances intuition, invites orginial thought, inspires and assists in transformation; Lemon, bright and clear energy strengthens intuition and focus; Eucalyptus, clearing energy opens our mind to experience life without fear, and revives our spirit, supports clarity of vision.

Crown Chakra Incense: Frankincense is centering, opens the consciousness to make contact with the Divine, creates an atmosphere conducive for prayer and meditation; Camphor awakens perception, clarifying; Myrrh invites tranquility, calming, centering, and grounding, and supports meditation and your spiritual journey.

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