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Crystal Alchemist

$ 17.95

Crystal Alchemist

$ 17.95

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The Crystal Alchemist goes beyond the basics of most reference books to offer specifics on how you can enhance your life with crystals every day.

Crystals have long been known for their beauty and mysterious qualities. And, when used strategically, crystals can also help you cultivate a more conscious, contemplative, spiritually fulfilling life. Whether you’re new to gems and stones or have been collecting for years, this brilliant and comprehensive guide will show you how to best use them in daily rituals.

Written by healer, metaphysical practitioner, and Reiki master teacher Karen Frazier, The Crystal Alchemist provides everything you need to know to tap into the truly transformative power of crystals. You’ll learn how to:

  • Choose crystals based on their unique, healing properties
  • Properly care for your crystals
  • Place crystals in strategic locations for maximum benefit
  • Meditate with crystals
  • Wear or carry your crystals
  • Use crystals for personal care practices
  • Set intentions and create mantras

With The Crystal Alchemist, you’ll discover more than just the properties, colors, and types of gems and stones. You’ll find ways to personally incorporate crystals into each and every day to create a life of contemplation, intention, value, and meaning.

About the Author

Karen Frazier is a metaphysical practitioner, intuitive energy healer, Reiki master teacher, and author of several books. She writes a monthly metaphysics and energy healing column for Paranormal Underground magazine, and writes articles on topics such as tarot, feng shui, and astrology. Frazier is trained in multiple energy healing modalities; holds advanced degrees in metaphysics, including a master’s and doctorate in the metaphysical sciences; and is writing a dissertation on how sound can affect healing. She teaches classes on Reiki, crystals, sound healing, energy anatomy, feng shui, and more in Portland, OR. Her books include Crystals for HealingReiki Healing for Beginners, and Higher Vibes Toolbox.