Fluorite Cube

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Natural Fluorite Cube

Natural polished Fluorite is the mineral form of calcium fluoride.  These cubes have one corner polished flat so they can stand on their side.

Fluorite Stone Meaning

Fluorite is a high vibration crystal that promotes organization and clarity, psychic development, protection, mediation and peace. 

Fluorite comes in many colors, but it is the deep purple variety which is most closely linked with spiritual development, higher learning, and expansion of consciousness. 

The green variety of Fluorite is linked more closely with emotional healing.

In general, all Fluorite strengthens spiritual growth and encourages peace, harmony, balance, and joy. It brings calmness to chaos.

In some larger specimens, it is possible to see the beautiful cubic growth habit of fluorite,  enabling one to visually connect to the crystal's ability to create order. Fluorite aids the memory and intellectual pursuits. It is a great stone for students and academics.

How To Use

Place a green fluorite cube in a study, on a desk or use it in your meditation room. Green fluorite will help you connect to the heart chakra and bring balance to your emotions. They also make a loving gift for a close friend or relative. 


4th & 7th, Heart & Crown Chakras

Astrological Sign

Capricorn, Pisces


This listing is for 1 fluorite cube, sold by size in inches.  These cubes have one corner polished flat so they can stand on their side.

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  • Please note, this is a natural specimen and size, color, shape, and texture may vary.

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