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August Aquarius Full Moon Bundle

$ 45.00

August Aquarius Full Moon Bundle

$ 45.00

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This Full Moon bundle, created by Debbie Cutler and Kevin Casey, is specifically for the Sturgeon Moon in Aquarius on August 3rd, 2020. These enamored items will help create space and rituals perfect for focusing on self-love.  Join Debbie and Kevin for their Full Moon Circle on August 4th here.

This bundle includes:

Love Votive Candle - May love enter my life and fill my heart and soul. These lovely pink candles are hand crafted in New England, Reiki charged, and scented with an essential oil blend of olive, patchouli, rose, clove, lavender, and dragon's blood. Ideal for enhancing the energy of love and compassion for oneself.

Energy Clearing Home Fragrance - Specially created with the highest quality fragrances and essential oils, this spray will clear any unwanted energy from your space and aura. Perfect for a practice that requires you to let down your guard.  Fragrance notes: Pure Rose, Cinnamon Bark, White Sage, Palo Santo, Hinoki Wood, and Vanilla Spice

Large Tumbled Tiger Eye* - Tiger Eye grounds and protects, enhances confidence, attracts abundance and good fortune, and balances our energy field. Tiger Eye provides good protection for travelers. This crystal is an all-around winner, doing so many wonderful things at once, and it's beautiful. Chakra: 3rd, Solar Plexus Chakra. Astrological Sign: Leo

Smoky Quartz Worry Stone* - Smoky Quartz is excellent for grounding and stress management. It helps neutralize negative energy, and relieve negative emotional states like fear, depression, and anxiety to bring a state of emotional calmness. Chakra: 1st, Root Chakra. Astrological Sign: Capricorn. This stone is a wonderful companion for doing deep healing that may initially evoke discomfort.

*Be aware that while there are two of each stone featured, bundles only come with one of each type of stone.